Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan

Where are the Sask Party and the NDP

Jun 28, 2023 | News

Canada Day is fast approaching, and while people in Saskatchewan and Canada should be celebrating the birth of this great nation, many people will be wondering how they are going to feed their families, pay for monthly utilities and fuel to get go to work. Why? This is due to yet another carbon tax increase. People with mortgages are worried about the next review from the Bank Of Canada on July 7th as it has projected a possibility for another interest rate hike.

While the residents of Saskatchewan are cancelling family trips, or other activities for their families, we must ask the question, where are the Sask Party and the NDP. While I cannot answer exactly where they are, I can tell you where they are not. The Sask Party and the NDP are NOT in the Legislature trying to figure out ways to make life more affordable for the people of Saskatchewan. They are NOT crunching numbers and cutting back on vanity projects so families or the individual can afford to eat. They are NOT preparing for even more difficult times to come, when Old Man Winter comes knocking at the door again, and people cannot afford to heat their homes or pay for mortgages.

Instead of taking holidays the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan is working hard to come up with solutions to some of these problems, to make life more affordable. We are preparing for the three by-elections coming up in the province as well, we are preparing for the 2024 general election. We are looking at fiscally responsible ideas to alleviate some of the financial burdens that are place on the people of Saskatchewan WITHOUT cutting funds to critical areas such as education and healthcare, or taxing small businesses while they are still recovering from the hardships suffered through the pandemic. We are working for you, the taxpayers, so we can have a stable and healthy population and economy.

Rose Buscholl

Interim Leader Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan.