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“If the Sask Party government would have taken the PC Party’s suggestion of having the Regina bypass follow a northern route and save $1 billion dollars, we wouldn’t be having the Premier hinting that there will be layoffs and wage roll backs in the public service.” Those are the sentiments of PC Party Leader, Rick Swenson.

“Originally the cost of the bypass was estimated at $400 million. Since then, the cost has quintupled to $2 billion. Before the election, we offered a solution to the bypass that would have saved $1 billion and taken more large trucks off Victoria Avenue East. Instead, the Sask Party chose to cater to their political friends and now taxpayers will have to carry the burden of all this extra debt for 30 years to come.”

PC Party Leader, Rick Swenson, is very pleased that the PC Party election platform on abolishing the regional health authorities has been recommended to the government by its special committee and adopted by the Sask Party government. “The consolidation to one Provincial Health Authority and the corresponding accountability to the Legislative Assembly is a tremendous step in the right direction” said Swenson.

“Hopefully the Sask Party government will move on the recommendations in an expedient manner. The PC Party wants the government to define how the Health Quality Council will remain strong and independent of government and hopes that the government will look at the PC Policy of establishing elected patient advisory committees at the community level.”

Through mismanagement and incompetence, the provincial government has allowed the deficit to balloon from an estimated $434 million in the June budget to over $1 billion. This is money Saskatchewan taxpayers and families will have to carry the burden of paying for decades.

The PC Party of Saskatchewan is demanding the Sask Party government release the names of the members who sat on Cabinet’s Land Purchase Committee during the time of the land deal in question regarding the Global Transportation Hub (GTH).

PC Party Leader, Rick Swenson says “This committee was formed after the first sale to the mystery caller fell through, and was put in place to ensure due diligence for future land purchases. If there was due diligence, how could the committee allow the GTH to pay even more for the land than would have been paid in the botched attempt. I think the taxpayers of Saskatchewan have the right to know which members of the cabinet served on this committee and allowed the government to waste millions of taxpayers’ dollars.”


“With the economy faltering and the budget deficit growing, the Sask Party government let its ideology overrule common sense and allows more of our money to leave Saskatchewan.” That is the opinion of PC Party Leader Rick Swenson.

“Every new liquor store awarded in Regina, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Yorkton, Melville and the Battlefords were given to companies that are not based in Saskatchewan. Instead, the money from those stores will go to the Maritimes, British Columbia and Alberta. Saskatchewan entrepreneurs have been selling liquor for decades in conjunction with the government run SLGA stores. Those profits both private and public stayed in Saskatchewan. The Sask Party is now ensuring that tens of millions will leave this province.”

In a news release dated October 17, 2016, the PC Party of Saskatchewan called on Premier Wall to refer the GTH case to Alberta Justice as has been the past procedure in cases of potential conflict of interest by members of a Saskatchewan government.

Yesterday, Sask Party MLAs on the Public Accounts Committee voted to defeat a motion to invite former GTH CEO John Law, interim CEO Chris Dekker and current Deputy Minister Laurie Pushor to speak before the Public Accounts Committee to answer questions surrounding the GTH land deal. These individuals must be questioned under oath to see what they know about the over $21 million of taxpayer's money spent on this deal. Over $11 million of that went to two individuals who have business relationships or political relationships with the former Minister and are Sask Party donors.

The PC Party of Saskatchewan is pleased announce the conclusion of another successful Annual General Meeting and convention. They worked through a full agenda of current issues and started laying the groundwork for the party’s next four years.

The membership in attendance took the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics. There was some review of the past election campaign as well as discussion to set direction for the future.

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