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The PC Party of Saskatchewan is calling on Premier Moe to order Sask Power to immediately release the GTH land appraisal.

 PC Party Leader Rick Swenson had this to say “In light of last week’s report from the Office of Saskatchewan’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, we are calling on Premier Moe to do the right thing and instruct Sask Power officials to immediately release the GTH land appraisal”.

 Mr. Swenson went on to say “During the Sask Party Leadership contest, we heard a great deal of talk of “renewal”. If Premier Moe and his government are truly committed to renewal and transparency, they have an opportunity to demonstrate that commitment by coming clean on what happened at the GTH”.

 In closing Mr. Swenson had this to say “For months now, the PC Party has called for an out of province, judicial inquiry into the questionable GTH land transactions. It was encouraging to see other Sask Party Leadership candidates calling for this same judicial inquiry. Until then, releasing the Sask Power appraisal will be a good first step in finding out what really happened at the GTH. Taxpayers deserve the truth”.  

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For more information, call Rick Swenson at (306) 631-5461

or the Provincial Office at (306) 693-7572.

PC Party President, Grant Schmidt, forecasts the Sask Party will have runaway victories in the three, March 1st by-elections, saying that the NDP will never win those constituencies and there is no point in the PC Party wasting the little money it has to fight the Sask Party’s big money at this time.

Schmidt said, “The PC Party will be an alternative to both big Parties in the future. The PC Party has decided not to run candidates in the upcoming by-elections, deciding instead to focus our efforts and resources on building toward the 2020 General Election. Over the next few weeks and months, voters in Saskatchewan will see a number of policy initiatives from the PC Party, as we move toward electing a new Leader for our Party”.

The PC Party of Saskatchewan would like to congratulate our new Premier and new ministers on their appointments, however we believe this new cabinet offers very little of the promised renewal.

PC Party Leader, Rick Swenson had this to say, “Today we see a number of old faces in this new cabinet. This should raise questions about the performance of cabinet ministers. Questions such as; how badly do you have to perform to lose your cabinet posting?

To each returning Cabinet Minister, where were you when former Premier Wall signed the 2014 Order in Council giving Mr. Boyd the GTH green light? Why didn’t you just say, NO?

The PC Party of Saskatchewan congratulates Scott Moe on his election as Premier Designate.

After the election of the new Premier, PC Leader, Rick Swenson, had this to say “I would like to congratulate Scott Moe on his victory and remind him that he should enjoy his win while he can, the party will be short lived”.

Mr. Swenson went on to say “in a matter of days, at least one by-election will be called in Saskatchewan, and the new Premier will need to explain to taxpayers why his government wasted $1 billion dollars of their money at the Regina by-pass and the how they allowed scandal and mismanagement to happen at the GTH.

The Premier and his government must also come clean on secret monthly lease payments for P3 hospitals, schools and by-passes.  It is clear that the Sask Party is running two sets of books, theirs and one of hidden deficits”.

In closing, Mr. Swenson said, “We invite all those who are interested in helping clean up the Sask Party mess, to join us. Working together, we can make a positive difference, without going back to the NDP!”

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The PC Party of Saskatchewan is pleased announce the conclusion of another successful Annual General Meeting and convention.  Political scientist, Dr. Joe Garcea was a guest lecturer for the AGM and gave an informative talk on Saskatchewan politics in general.

  “In addition to planning and policy development, delegates discussed a formal CODE OF ETHICS for the party, which would apply to all elected and hired personnel of the Party and those seeking election. The Code of Conduct would ensure that the principles, goals, Constitution and policies of the P.C. Party of Saskatchewan would be maintained. Ethics in politics has been a cornerstone of my political life, and I am extremely pleased that a formal Code of Conduct was adopted by our membership”, said PC Party Leader, Rick Swenson.

Mr. Swenson went on to say, “The membership took the opportunity to discuss a variety of policy topics. Delegates also began setting action plans for the upcoming Kindersley by-election and potentially others to come soon”.

P.C. Party President, Grant Schmidt, is pleased delegates are committed to building a new political party. He said, “The Devine Conservative Party is now the Saskatchewan Party, as forces of evil in the Devine government moved into the Saskatchewan Party and took over.”

The Party President said, “The new Progressive Conservative Party has plans to be a modern conservative party, rebuilding on an “incentivist” policy foundation.” The new P.C. Party would define “incentivism” in 2018.

 I was extremely pleased and encouraged to see great representation from the PC Party Campus organization at this year’s AGM. This meeting begins the next step in our rebuilding; we are working towards electing a modern Conservative government”.

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Taxpayers of the province should be prepared to shell out for a costly Halloween treat today, all thanks to their Sask Party government.

“Tonight, when people of Saskatchewan are handing out Halloween treats, one thing they need to know is that at the same time, their government will be handing out a $103 million Halloween treat for the consortium building the Regina bypass. The trick will be, how will the rest of us will pay for it over the next 30 years”, said PC Party Leader Rick Swenson.

Mr. Swenson went on to say, “There has been no mention of these payments or how we will come up with the cash to make them, especially with ongoing deficit budgets which are now a reality for the rest of this Sask Party government's term in office.

The PC Party in the coming days, months and years will attempt to be part of the solution with good policy and ideas and hopefully our government will start to listen or I'm sure the protests will get larger and louder”.

In conclusion Mr. Swenson said "The Regina Bypass has been getting a lot of attention, mostly for the wrong reasons. The design for the by-pass was based on a European model, and it didn’t take long to realize that large transport units and farm equipment just didn’t fit. Something else that just doesn’t fit is the government’s calculations on what the final costs will be.

The Sask Party tricked voters before the 2016 election and unfortunately, their tricks will continue this Halloween and for years to come”.

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PC Party believes that today’s Speech from the Throne has more to do with the political wellbeing of the Sask Party and little to do with the wellbeing of our province.

“The change of course that we have witnessed from the Sask Party government and those who want to lead it, over the past few months has been nothing short of dramatic. This reversal of policy has been partly due to the lobbying efforts of Saskatchewan residents, however partisan politics and polling numbers are playing a key role in this sudden change of heart” said PC Party Saskatchewan Leader, Rick Swenson.

Mr. Swenson went on to say “Prior to the 2016 election, the PC Party uncovered the wasted dollars at the Regina bypass and GTH and it was the PC Party who accurately predicted a $1.12 billion deficit. All the while the Sask Party government insisted everything was fine. Right after the election, the first shoe dropped and the government admitted they were not telling the truth about the state of Saskatchewan’s finances.  Now, weeks before the Sask Party Leadership vote, we again see the government changing their story. The question is, after the leadership convention is complete, will the second shoe fall? With the new Leader safely in place, will we see the Sask Party going back to their original short term re-election plans”?

There is some good news; we were pleased to see that the government is backing away from Bill 40. The Saskatchewan people have clearly stated that they don’t want to sell off their Crowns to pay for the Sask Party mismanagement. The PC Party has always believed that our crowns can be strong economic tools and good partners to help build Saskatchewan’s economy.  The PC Party had hoped that in today’s throne speech the government would have announced a plan to help communities and producers who have been impacted by the wild fire situation. Sask Crop Insurance could and should be playing a role for the loss of crazing land and livestock”.

Mr. Swenson concluded by saying “This Speech from the Throne, and the recent actions of our government, demonstrate clearly that the Sask Party vision and planning is based solely on 4 year re-election cycles. They naturally omitted to mention the $103 million dollar Halloween lease payment for their P3 project. Today, more than ever, Saskatchewan needs a government who understands to succeed; one must plan 5, 10 or 15 years into the future and not just the 3 years until the next election”.

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