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"Amendments to the Farm Land Security Act have left out a very important piece for Saskatchewan farm and ranch families", said PC Leader Rick Swenson.

Swenson adds, "Amendments to the Act were forced by Saskatchewan citizens because of the Sask Party government's cavalier attitude toward one of our greatest resources - our agricultural land. The Assiniboia Land Co-CPPIB deal highlighted this necessity for rule changes and more due diligence by the Farm Land Security Board."

Merv Malish of Canora, Saskatchewan has announced he will be seeking nomination to be the Progressive Conservative candidate in the Canora-Pelly Constituency for the provincial election to be held April 4, 2016.

Mr. Malish was born and raised near Mikado and graduated from Canora Composite High School. Merv worked on the family farm, and later owned and operated his own business in Mikado for 5 years. Mr. Malish spent time in British Columbia and has spent recent years working as an addictions and anger management counsellor. Merv returned to Saskatchewan and now resides in Canora.

When asked why he is seeking the nomination, Mr. Malish said “As a professional counsellor, I have always been recognized for putting my clients’ needs first.” He continued, “Becoming an MLA would give me the opportunity to bring the same commitment to a larger purpose, in meeting the needs of my constituency.”

Today, the PC Party is endorsing a North Regina Bypass route similar to the one put forward by the Why Tower Road Group who have done extensive research and planning for an alternative bypass.

“It is absolutely imperative that we find a more taxpayer-friendly solution to the traffic and safety issues east of Regina” said PC Party Leader Rick Swenson.

“The owners of Saskatchewan farmland have spoken, and their voice needs to be respected by government.” That is the opinion of PC Party leader Rick Swenson.

The results of the Farmland Ownership Survey were released today and more than 86% of the responses opposed any foreign ownership and 75% opposed Canadian pension funds owning Saskatchewan farmland.

Swenson stated “The PC Party is claiming a victory on this issue. Since the CPPIB purchased 115,000 acres in 2013, the PC Party believed this deal was wrong, both legally and morally. It was the PC Party of Saskatchewan who brought this to the attention of farm families, and with their help, forced the Wall government to put in place a moratorium on further purchases and hold a public consultation.”

“The Brad Wall government is acting like a ‘school yard bully’ in their haste to prevent any sober second thought regarding the Tower Road interchange of the South Regina Bypass", says PC Party Leader Rick Swenson. 

Mr. Swenson added, "Even though the government has not finished acquiring all the land needed for the bypass, they are forcing one particular landowner to be removed from his land because he has been a vocal opponent against the Tower Road interchange.”

Recently, PC Party Leader Rick Swenson toured the flooded areas near the Quill Lakes and then attended the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority (SWA) open house regarding the situation in Wynyard.

Mr. Swenson noted “These lakes have come up over 20 feet. It is an absolutely incredible amount of water to stand on the shore and behold. There is no question in my mind that there are no short-term solutions to the problems. It will be many, many years before some of this land is usable again for agricultural purposes, if at all.”

“The government’s proposed $19 million plan consists of a huge dyke around the southwest corner of Big Quill Lake and the diversion of a small creek into Last Mountain Lake instead of the Quill Lakes. This plan which deals with 7% of the water going into the Quills will do nothing but save a portion of the CPR rail track and a couple of miles of Highway #6.” Swenson also pointed out “There is not one dollar in the $19 million price tag allocated to owners of the agricultural land affected.”

In just five months the cost of the South Regina bypass project has increased by $680 million dollars. “This is the equivalent of more than $600 for every person in the province.” said PC Party Leader Rick Swenson. “It was bad enough that the Wall Government increased the provincial debt by $700 million to pay for the bypass in the spring budget. Now, they have almost doubled that amount of debt in just 5 months and are only adding two new overpasses. How can one project increase by $136 million every month?” asked Swenson.

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