Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Steve Forbes, a graduate of the University of Waterloo and the Lutheran Theological Seminary, Saskatoon, is a recently retired Pastor living with his wife in Outlook near his kids and grandchildren. As a Pastor, as well as a history enthusiast, he has spent the last couple of decades witnessing the breakdown of our society. We have become increasingly dependent upon central governments, and decreasingly cooperative amongst ourselves and within our local communities.

The lesson learned from our pioneering ancestors here in Saskatchewan was that success came to us when we could be both entrepreneurial and cooperative. While many would see these as antithetical concepts, the Saskatchewan experience has shown that ambition pairs well with helping our neighbours.

A sort of Cooperative Entrepreneurialism is needed in our day. We need to move away from the simple left/right paradigm of thinking that we must choose only between the big-government Sask Party or the even-bigger-government New Democratic Party. We need to choose smaller government instead, to choose more local control and less central control, to choose a life lived according to our own priorities and not according only to a one-size-fits-all priority coming from Ottawa or Regina bureaucrats. Lower taxes. Greater freedom. More opportunity to be involved locally and to care for our neighbours. This is what being Conservative means. Vote PC in October.


Steve Forbes, BA, MDiv


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