Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Lloyd Hauser

Dean Foster

Hello my name is Dean Foster, proud husband, father, and grandfather. I live, and own a small bait shop ( Buddha’s Bait Shop)in White Fox, Sask. I was directly impacted and upset with the closure of the Far North during the Covid-19 pandemic. I strongly felt that our rights as Canadians were wrongfully being taken away from and felt that it was unacceptable.

I contacted the Saskatchewan Progressive Conservative Leader Ken Grey, explained the plight of property owners, outfitters, locals and fisherman/campers. Mr. Grey understood our dilemma, and vowed to help any way he could. I contacted other political partys and received no help at all. They only stated “we’re doing this for your own good”.

The pressure from the PC Party and some media exposure forced the government to reconsider and the Far North Region was rezoned, opening up the opportunity for many to earn their livelihood and for others to access  properties. During this time, I became enthralled in the idea of being to help so many people. I received a phone call from Mr. Grey asking me if I would consider running in Cumberland. The decision was easy, ( after consulting my family, of course). I have spent over one third of my life in Cumberland. It’s where I have met so many great people and  friends. 

I have seen first hand the issues that need addressing and would love nothing more than to help address these needs.

Thank you, Dean Foster