Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Terry Sieben

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My name is Terry Sieben. I was born in Kerrobert and am currently a resident of Major Saskatchewan. I worked for CP Rail for 11 and half years then decided to venture into business. I have owned and operated various motels and bars for the last two years and currently operate TJ’s Pub and Grub in Eatonia

My business and those of many other small businesses have been impacted (prior to covid-19) negatively by the current government’s inconsistent business rules and regulatory changes that often seem to favour their large donors. Its time to have someone take a stand for small business and rural communities.

We have witnessed our jobs, contracts and businesses being tendered out of province. I want to see our rural communities thriving once again. I am excited for this election and am proud to represent Saskatchewan’s only true conservative party!

Thank you, Terry Sieben