Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

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I was raised in Fort Qu’Appelle along with my older sister Debi (Nieblas) and older brother Don. Our parents were Lloyd and Muriel Teece. The Teece homesteads were in the Abernethy Lemberg area where Don and I spent many summer days helping dad on the farm. The Balcarres to Neudorf and Lipton to Southey areas were home to us. Now in Regina my son David and daughter Gabrielle and I hunt the Craven to Strasbourg area most years for Deer Moose and Elk.

In Regina I ran my construction and renovations business for over 20 years. I am a Journeyman carpenter and have had my own home inspections business for the last 15 years. I attended Canadian Bible College for several semesters in the 80’s and the U of R several more in the early 2000’s.

In 2016 I began to follow politics. I became a member of the Sask Party in 2017 and got involved with the Regina Lakeview constituency association. I took a political science course that winter and sat in on four weeks of that winter’s legislature sessions. I attended four of the debates during the SP leadership race including the AGM in Saskatoon. Over time I became very disappointed and frustrated as I learned that the Sask Party and their policies were liberal and not conservative as I had assumed. I saw fast rising debt by the billions, 100’s of businesses closing and billions of dollars leaving the province through the NWPT. I saw massive annual immigration and 1000’s of Saskatchewan residence leaving every year. The population growth that the SP purported and continue to purport as a beacon of economic success is fake. I cancelled my membership. The Sask Party was a disaster.

I still wanted to be involved in politics so last fall I planned on taking out another membership with the SP. In my research I looked at the Progressive Conservative site expecting to see nothing constructive or of interest. They had a new leader, Ken Grey, and the policies were most of what I wanted to see in the Sask Party. I went down to the PCS office the next day and was able to meet Ken. This was a new Progressive Conservative party with new ideas and a true conservative vision for the governing of Saskatchewan. Within a few days I became a member and got involved.

I’d like to thank Ken for having the confidence in me and asking me to run for the new Progressive Conservative party in the Last Mountain Touchwood constituency. I truly am at home there and I look forward to serving the constituency and the PCS party in this fall’s election.


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