Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

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Harry was born and raised in Saskatchewan by immigrant parents. He has spent his entire working career in the Province of Saskatchewan.

After graduating from high-school,  Harry spent some time in the military in the capacity of infantry and service battalion. This led him into a career in security in all its forms, from security guard to loss prevention, to managing security firms. Later he decided  to switch careers and entered into the heavy construction field. Harry obtained his class 1A license and began hauling commodities to various constructions projects. He has worked his way up in the industry and attained certification for operation of a variety of  heavy equipment. Currently, Harry is working in the mining sector at Maclean Lake.

His reason for entering politics a better quality of life and employment opportunities in Saskatchewan. He wants his children to be able to live and pursue a life and employment that reflects the great potential of Saskatchewan. Harry states" My children, they love the province and would love to stay here. I will be fighting to create autonomy for Saskatchewan, so that we can attain our freedom from the dictates of Ottawa and take back control of our province and put that power back into the hands of the people. I look forward to serving my constituency and promoting true conservative values." 


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