Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Debbie Knill edited

Debbie Knill was born in British Columbia and moved to Saskatchewan as a young woman. She grew up in Southern Saskatchewan and spent many of her teen years working at the KFC in Weyburn. She graduated grade 12 and then went on to pursue courses in television and music production. Her career took her to all four of the western provinces where her love for baking developed. She worked as a head baker, manager and baker for Grandma Lee's restaurant and then moved into the role of an entrepreneur as part owner.

Debbie has run day camps and was the lead for arts and crafts and spent some time as a missionary with Child Evangelism Fellowship. Her love and passion for her community has ignited a desire to represent the constituency of Regina University Park. Debbie has been out on the doorstep promoting True conservative values and is excited for the upcoming election.

Debbie and Ken

(Debbie and leader Ken Grey out door knocking)