Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


thumbnail Photo Adrian Janssens June 10 2020

I am retired after working in a variety of careers. These include leading several employment training programs, TV reporter, communications specialist, long-haul truck driver, and volunteer first responder. I am active in my community, and attend the U of S studying political science. An interest in the legal system and the rule of law has opened a possibility to help others in Small Claims Court. Although not a lawyer, I voluntarily assist plaintiffs prepare for and appear before a judge for a fair resolution to financial disputes of up to $30,000.

My interest in improving the well-being of families and individuals and to benefit from their hard work underlies my determination. One example is better access to the health services currently provided by our government, but seemingly difficult to attain sometimes. In some cases, it seems that access is restricted due to simple geography, and not everyone is free to travel to the big city to receive care, at least not easily or cheaply. In rural Saskatchewan, this can be an issue due to limited facilities, and transportation becomes a significant factor, especially for seniors.

I will be reaching out to every RM, town and village in my constituency, talking with residents and getting their ideas on what is going well and how things could improve. We require the understanding, support and ideas of the good people of Saskatchewan to make changes occur, and I intend to be helpful in this process.

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