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Welcome Saskatchewan to the P.C. Party website.

The PC Party of Saskatchewan is absolutely committed to working with all the people of our great province. Saskatchewan is a great place to live, raise our families and make a living. Our province is blessed with a multitude of resources, hard-working people and a clean environment which we need to protect and enhance for future generations. We have much to thank our ancestors and pioneers for and for having the gumption to stick it out during tough times in Saskatchewan’s past.

The Progressive Conservative Party has been part of Saskatchewan since we joined confederation in 1905 and we want to be part of our future as a province.

A society, a community or a province is only as good as the people we choose to help govern ourselves.

The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan has some basic principles that are the base for our political philosophy. These principles are on the back of every PC membership. They include:

  1. A heritage of freedom based on individual initiative, honour, integrity and individual moral responsibility in accordance with the law;
  2. Equal rights under the law for ALL without discrimination;
  3. Government as the servant not the master; and
  4. Social progress based on the needs of people, not as a means to power.

I am inviting all Saskatchewan people who believe in these principles to join us in rebuilding the PC Party and use our Party as an instrument to bring good government and opportunity to Saskatchewan. The PC Party has been the Government of Saskatchewan in the past and accomplished many things of great significance. We also have learned some lessons about things that don’t work very well. The PC Party wants to earn the right to once again govern Saskatchewan.

On behalf of myself and other PC candidates, we look forward to your comments and your support.

Let’s build Saskatchewan together for “THE RIGHT REASONS”.

Rick Swenson