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The PC Party of Saskatchewan calls last week’s first Moe budget an illusion of prosperity instead of the promised renewal of a tired SP government. Expectations were high but unfortunately after a week of scrutiny, all we see is a slight of hand.

"To give the government some credit, there were small positives such as funds allocated to provide coverage for HIV drugs and for young children with autism. Financial resources to begin a much-needed rural crime strategy were finally allocated", PC Party Leader Rick Swenson said.

"The illusion is that the province was “on track” to getting their financial house in order but in reality, they are adding $2.3 billion to our debt. The illusion of investing in rural Saskatchewan conflicts with the reality that the dollars this government is spending on servicing our ballooning debt is more than will be spent for transportation of our commodities and the environment. This amount is only slightly less than what is being spent for public safety and agriculture combined.

The PC Party of Saskatchewan is demanding transparency and full disclosure in the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority’s (SLGA) marijuana retail permit selection process.

 “This Friday, the Minister responsible for the SLGA has promised more information on the number and make-up of the province’s marijuana store applicants.  The Minister has reported that there have been hundreds of applications and that the successful applicants will be determined by a lottery - they will be drawn out of hat. Given the Sask Party government's track record on “deal making”, having this government oversee this lottery process is a gamble that is far too risky to ensure accountability and public safety”, says PC Party Leader Rick Swenson.

Mr. Swenson went on to say, “The PC Party of Saskatchewan is calling on the government to implement two important steps in the approval process. First, transfer the lottery selection process to an independent third party who would do the drawing process in public thus ensuring full and open transparency is achieved. Second, once the successful applicants have been chosen, they must agree to have their company officers and major shareholder names fully disclosed to the public. The Saskatchewan public needs to know and trust the people involved in this very ground-breaking sale of a new restricted substance."

In closing Mr. Swenson had this to say, “Last week’s budget was a great illusion on the realities facing Saskatchewan. It is high time for the Sask Party government to stop their smoke and mirror tactics. They can begin by agreeing to the transparency and disclosure steps that the PC Party have outlined and demand to take place for public safety and accountability”.

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 For more information, call Rick Swenson at (306) 631-5461 or Provincial Office at (306) 693-7572.

"The people of Saskatchewan were really hoping with the selection by the Sask Party of a new Premier that we all would have a different way of governing, a new vision of how Saskatchewan would move forward and a different approach to how our hard earned dollars are being spent", said PC Leader Rick Swenson.

"The theme of the budget this year was "On Track".   It should have been the "Derailment Continues". Saskatchewan will add $2.3 billion to its provincial debt this year. That extra money does not go toward a new vision or increased employment, opportunities or the ability of Saskatchewan to handle the mounting pressures around us from things like trade and inability to market our products", Swenson continues.  

The Sask Party continues to spend a third of the provincial highway budget on 50 kilometres of road around Regina. They continue to nickel and dime us on the everyday necessities of life through the Crown Corporations and continue to add PST to everyday items in our everyday lives as we struggle to maintain our families and our homes. The PC Party of Saskatchewan pointed out the train wreck that was happening in our finances before the 2016 election with the jump in the budget deficit to $1.3 billion.

Swenson concluded, "We had hoped with the departure of people like Bill Boyd, Kevin Doherty and Brad Wall that the new Sask Party Premier would choose a different path and a different vision. Borrowing more money to pay for bad decisions by his predecessors is not a new vision. Reversing more of the cuts made in last year's budget is not a new vision and ignoring the fact that Saskatchewan needs new entrepreneurial activities like developing alternate energy sources and using our vast amounts of waste heat to grow our employment base and our tax base is not a new vision. The only vision Premier Moe and the Sask Party have concentrated on is trying to keep their rural base together and win one more election. That is all this budget is "On Track" for."

The PC Party continues to review the impact of this budget. The “devil is in the details”, as more details are uncovered, we will be commenting further in the days and weeks ahead.


 For more information, Rick Swenson at (306) 631-5461 or Provincial Office at (306) 693-7572.

(Moose Jaw, SK) The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan is formally announcing they will be hosting a leadership convention on Saturday, November 3, 2018, in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

"After leading the party for over twelve years, I have decided it is time for new leadership to take over and take us to the next level,” said PC Party leader Rick Swenson. “I have notified our party’s executive that I would be resigning as leader immediately following the election of a new leader on November third.”

PC Party President, Grant Schmidt and PC Party Leader, Rick Swenson, are pleased to welcome Mr. David Bucsis to the Provincial Office as the Party's new Executive Director. He will begin his duties as Executive Director on April 2nd.

 Mr. Bucsis, a resident of Yorkton, has a background in business, finance and publishing.  His government/public service experience includes serving as Welfare Reform and Employment Development Director for the Government of Saskatchewan, Social Services from 1986-1991.

 David’s community service includes serving as a Director for: Yorkton Exhibition Board, Parkland Abilities Board and the New Careers Corporation.  In addition, in 1991 he was elected to serve on the Yorkton City Council.

 Mr. Bucsis is looking forward to serving the PC Party of Saskatchewan and helping to build a better Saskatchewan for the right reasons.

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For more information, call Rick Swenson at (306) 631-5461 or Grant Schmidt at (306) 728-5481

The P.C. Party is going to discuss a Provincial Police Force with SARM. President, Grant Schmidt, and some candidates will attend the SARM convention as guests to seek input and answer questions.

Grant Schmidt said, “Pcsask.ca has observed a public safety problem in some of our cities and some rural areas. Solving problems of public safety is one important role of government.”

The P.C.’s propose to combine existing government safety officers such as conservation officers, highway traffic officers, sheriff security and prison transfer services into a Provincial Police Force.

In rural areas, the RCMP are too understaffed and busy with major crimes that they have little time for crime prevention.

The P.C.’s would also offer incentives for rural municipalities, towns, and villages to participate in crime prevention such as citizens on patrol.

The statements of First Nations that they are not receiving adequate policing have been heard. Schmidt said, “I will consult with First Nations regarding the Provincial Police. Without agreement with First Nations, the Provincial Police would have no jurisdiction on First Nations.”

Schmidt said, “The Provincial Police would free up RCMP officers to give better services to First Nations.”

The P.C.’s also want to ask SARM delegates about the cost to build a kilometer of grid road. Schmidt said they are working on an incentive based solution for the Hatchet Lake road problem.

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For more information, call Grant Schmidt at (306) 728-0156 .


The PC Party of Saskatchewan is disappointed that agriculture and rail transportation were not mentioned in yesterday’s federal budget.

PC Party Leader, Rick Swenson had this to say, “Yesterday, Finance Minister Morneau called his budget one of “equality and growth”, sadly, for grain producers across western Canada, there is neither equality nor growth in this budget”.

Mr. Swenson went on to say “In 2013 producers in Saskatchewan lost billions due to backlogs in the grain transportation system and unfortunately, that exact same situation is unfolding today. The transportation crisis isn’t just impacting agriculture; companies in the oil sector are reporting the same thing for the transportation of oil across North America by rail. 

The transportation crisis did not start last week; it did not start last month. It started in the fall of last year and unfortunately, has been a reoccurring problem for decades. These are the facts, so why has the issue been largely ignored by our Sask Party Government? Our recently departed Sask Party Premier and current Minister of Highways and Transportation, David Marit, were more interested in squabbling with NDP Premier Notley about Alberta license plates on Saskatchewan P3 job sites because of issues in the craft brewing industry, than they were in a looming rail transportation crisis facing Saskatchewan”.

In conclusion Mr. Swenson said “Sask Party Premier Scott Moe needs to step up for producers. He and his government must explain why they haven’t been in Ottawa over the entire winter lobbying all federal politicians to get on with passing legislation which will hold railways to account.

When will our elected people quit being simply cheque cashers and start earning their pay? It’s time to hold the rail industry to account. Saskatchewan grain producers deserve better”.

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