Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan

Economic principles

Sep 17, 2019 | Policy 2016

The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan believes:

I. That it is the responsibility of government to create an economic climate in which Saskatchewan residents can thrive and prosper, and with their success create quality job opportunities for Saskatchewanians;

II. In the principle of maximizing value-added processing in Saskatchewan, and that the government should create an economic environment that encourages Saskatchewan businesses to export products  in addition to raw materials;

III. That a dollar in the hand of a Saskatchewan resident is better than a dollar in the hand of a government bureaucracy. Saskatchewanians should be enjoying a higher standard of living, a more competitive economy and greater productivity;

IV. That lower taxes and reduced government interference in the economy will result in more purchasing power in the hands of the people of Saskatchewan, which leads to a more competitive economy, greater productivity, more quality job opportunities, and a higher standard of living, making Saskatchewan an attractive province to live in.

V. That tax policies should work to encourage entrepreneurship for the prosperity of all of its citizens, and that these policies should be substantive enough to provide them the opportunity to secure financial independence.