Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan

Education [under review]

Feb 7, 2017 | Policy 2016



Saskatchewan’s abundant natural resources and a world wanting those resources means that our provincial economy should continue to grow with good management. Part of that good management is ensuring that Saskatchewan families have the ability to ensure that their children have the best educational opportunities available to them.

Part of the responsibility for that belongs to the taxpayers of Saskatchewan. It is very evident that we still have a lot of our students not attending post-secondary education of whatever type because of financial constraints. We believe that it is incumbent upon government to provide tools to parents and young people leaving high school with the opportunity to help fund their education.

Therefore a P.C. Party government would implement a Saskatchewan First Education Plan. Parents or mature students could contribute to an education fund and receive provincial tax credits at the same rate as the current provincial political tax credit plan.

The contribution would be capped at a maximum of $1275 contribution for a tax credit of $625 off tax payable. The program would be capped at $25,000 total contribution per child or at 18 years of age for the recipient. The funds would be administered by the Saskatchewan Pension Plan and could be used at any post-secondary institution in the province of Saskatchewan with provincial accreditation.

Many current plans discriminate against those wishing to enter the trades or apprenticeship programming. This would allow Saskatchewan students and their families to plan for our growing economy of the future. If these tax credits are good enough for our political parties and politicians, they should work for our children’s education.

They are our future.