Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

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The policies put forward by the PC Party of Saskatchewan are developed by the Candidates and Executive of the Party. They are developed in accordance with the principles of the PC Party of Saskatchewan.

When the government introduced Photo Radar, the general consensus was that it was simply a cash grab. The PC Party of Saskatchewan was also in that category.

However, good government is about trying to determine what is best for the people of Saskatchewan. In this case, that means determining whether photo radar is an effective method of preventing collisions.

If photo radar proves to be effective at slowing traffic and reducing collisions then it is a worthwhile investment. The PC Party of Saskatchewan would continue to study traffic patterns in the photo radar locations, and in some non-photo radar locations for comparisons.

We would insist that all organizations involved are transparent and make all data collected public information as we work towards a final decision.

Quarterly reporting by Law Enforcement agencies of the incidents and the quantity of tickets issued for photo radar.

We need to get a handle on what’s happening and to who it is happening to.

If photo radar is to be continued, the revenue generated should go back to the city, town or municipality where it is collected.