Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

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The policies put forward by the PC Party of Saskatchewan are developed by the Candidates and Executive of the Party. They are developed in accordance with the principles of the PC Party of Saskatchewan.

The P.C. Party believes Saskatchewan people need to be assured on a regular basis that the resources of this province are being exploited in the best interests of the owners – the people of this province. Politicians and governments are the stewards that we hire to look after our best interests. They are not the owners.

When the Sask Party Premier and his government took a major interventionist step into the potash industry and at the same time, has committed to hundreds of millions of dollars in incentives to this industry, the public interest needs to be guarded. The P.C. Party feels that the interest of Saskatchewan people needs to be recognized with a structured, non-political review that would report to the Legislative Assembly not the Cabinet and government.

Our solution of a Strategic Resources Review Commission would accomplish this with a mandated review taking place at least once every four years. This mandated review will take the politics out of royalty and resource taxation debates.

It will come down to what is fair and what is not.