The policies put forward by the PC Party of Saskatchewan are developed by the Candidates and Executive of the Party. They are developed in accordance with the principles of the PC Party of Saskatchewan.

Short line railroads are a benefit to all residents of Saskatchewan. Moving grain, oilseeds and resources via rail reduces the amount of heavy truck traffic on our highways and grid roads. They also support rural communities and businesses.

The PC Party and PC MLAs will work for the following improvements to the short line system.

1. PC MLAs would pressure the Federal Government to create a more co-operative system between short line railroads and the national rail companies.
2. Short line railroads must be part of the discussion during the CTA review process outlined by the Emerson report.
3. A full costing review of National Railroads costs must be a starting point of that review.
4. Short line railroads should be consulted during the development of reciprocal penalty agreements between shippers and carriers.
5. The PC Party will propose a 10 year transportation strategy for Saskatchewan in the Legislature which the Sask Party has failed to announce along with production goals.

    We must be able to ship in a timely manner what we produce. Short line railroads must be part of that strategy.

6. A 10 year transportation strategy should include the option of rebuilding closed rail line between existing short line railroads which would allow shortlines to pass cars to the next line. This would be more cost effective for shippers if they did not have to go to a national line first.
7. PC Party will fight to protect the Legislated rights of short lines to receive timely car delivery.