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This past weekend, the PC Party of Saskatchewan started doing something we haven’t done for 4 election campaigns. The Party has begun a pre-election advertising campaign with radio advertising on stations all across Saskatchewan. There are a series of ads talking about the issues facing Saskatchewan people and a reintroduction of the “PC” brand to the province. This is the beginning of a concerted effort to re-establish what the PC Party stands for, what our goals and objectives are and how we think we can make this province a better place in which to work, live and raise our families. We have also put together a package whereby we can offer prospective PC candidates some backup for their campaigns. We have not been able to do these things in the past because of our Trust Funds being blocked by the Sask Party and its friends. If anyone reading this commentary knows of someone who would be interested, please pass on the message that the PC Party would welcome their interest and that we now have the ability to start providing support for their efforts across the province. It is very important now that the NDP is in total disarray that there are concerned Saskatchewan citizens who are prepared to stand up and offer alternatives to what has become an arrogant, free-spending Sask Party government.

Speaking of free spending, it is now widely believed that the Sask Party government is in deficit. The combination of big spending habits, a second consecutive wet spring and a free fall in commodity prices means that the government of Saskatchewan will be in a deficit position on a summary financial basis. This has certainly not stopped Mr. Wall and his Ministers from running around the province and doling out the cash pre-election. As has been noted in this commentary previously, we have had hundreds of millions of dollars in announcements on things like new hospitals that are totally off budget.

We have had announcements on infrastructure and housing that are off budget and just this week, an announcement that the much heralded Saskatchewan solution for MS patients has now been put on hold and we will ship a few select people to clinics in the United States for clinical trials. I thought the whole reason behind this initiative was to set up a centre of medical excellence in Saskatchewan for the treatment of MS. For whatever reason, Saskatchewan has the highest incidence per capita of this horrible disease anywhere in Canada. The alleviation of pain and suffering of the hundreds of MS patients in Saskatchewan is a laudable goal. This Sask Party government move appears to be the result of another case of our Premier running off at the mouth before anyone bothered to check as to whether Saskatchewan had the ability to do what he claimed. This is just another in a long list of pronouncements like the carbon capture project with Montana and the retractable dome stadium in Regina where Brad Wall does not do his due diligence but commits taxpayers to expenditures without proper foresight. Let us hope that the government’s bungling does not get in the way of long-term solutions to the cause and cure of MS.

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These issues must be debated for “The Right Reasons”.