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Monday Morning Commentary

Rick Swenson

I hope everyone was able to get together with family or friends this weekend to enjoy Thanksgiving. It was nice to get the turkey down before the onslaught of advertising began Monday evening.

It’s obvious from the opening moments of the campaign that both the Sask Party and the NDP have very large amounts of money to spend on well-produced tv advertising. Both themes seem to be the same – a nice soft approach with the underlying message being “everything is just fine – just trust me”. This is the approach of politicians who do not want to talk about some of the tough issues that are facing Saskatchewan and should be dealt with at the time of a general election. There is a good possibility if we could look at the books of Saskatchewan today, we would see that our government is running in a deficit position. That means that the so-called rainy day fund – a fund which the provincial auditor does not like at all – will have to be opened up to balance the province’s books. This won’t happen until after the Sask Party government is safely re-elected. We should be having a discussion in this election about the government’s spending habits and the choices that have been made that would allow this to happen.

The PC Party of Saskatchewan during the upcoming 28-day campaign will be using whatever resources it has to try and engage Saskatchewan voters in a meaningful discussion about some very important building blocks of our society. Certainly the role that health care plays in our lives and the inability of NDP and Sask Party governments to change the way that rural health care is being delivered is extremely important. There is a growing disparity in disposable income amongst our citizens. This disparity is leading to all kinds of social issues and is a direct result of the choices governments have made in our economic development in this province. How we add value to our resource base and how those economic spin-offs can be better spread around our province is something that must be talked about in this election campaign.

I also believe that there is a growing level of government corruption and patronage abuses that should not be occurring with a first-term government but that are already apparent with the Sask Party and the arrogant way that they are dealing with people across this province. There are far too many people and companies whose focus is only on their own benefits and advancement with the help of the Sask Party. My fear is that if there is not a strong opposition to the current government with an increased majority, they will truly become one of the most arrogant governments we have ever seen. There must be a third option for the people of this province because the NDP is certainly headed for a disaster.

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These issues must be debated for “The Right Reasons”.

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