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Monday Morning Commentary

Rick Swenson

At the beginning of this election campaign, there were 2 statements made by both of the major parties – the Sask Party and the NDP. They both said they wouldn’t try and buy the taxpayers with their own money and there wouldn’t be any attack-ad style of campaigning. The NDP didn’t even make it through the first week before trying to shower us in multi-million dollar election promises which this province cannot afford. Everyone with any knowledge of the government’s books believes that we will be in a deficit position when the re-elected Sask Party government finally shows us the books.

Most of the NDP promises do nothing to build the provincial economy but are simply designed to appeal to the NDP’s core vote so that they can try and salvage a few ridings. The Sask Party has been a little better. They have only promised a third as much spending as the NDP because they blew their wad in the weeks leading up to the campaign with hundred million dollar announcements spread around the province. The Sask Party only lasted one week before launching into vicious attack ads against Lingenfelter. So much for them keeping their promises.

There is quite a debate brewing around the province on the so-called Leader’s Debate this Tuesday evening. This isn’t really a Leader’s Debate. This is a 55 minute infomercial for the Sask Party and the NDP because all of the other party leaders are absent. The web poll on my local radio station is running at 80% in favour of all the party leaders being in the debate and only 15% for the current format. This shows how out of touch the 3 television networks are with the vast majority of people in this province. The P.C. Party issued a news release last Friday warning the Sask Party and the NDP that they are in breech of the election expenses rule if the other parties are excluded and that the cost for air time for this debate should be split evenly and tacked on to their election spending limits. The contents of that release can be viewed on our website.

The P.C. Party released the majority of our party platform this past week. I believe this was a responsible platform that can be done within the fiscal options available to Saskatchewan. It is based on 3 themes – fixing Saskatchewan’s health care problems, providing new and innovative ways to develop Saskatchewan’s economy and providing means for Saskatchewan people to help themselves create a better society. There is more that we can do and I hope that Saskatchewan people will not lose interest in our political process because of the way the NDP and the Sask Party behave in this election campaign. Please look at our policy platform on our website and give me your feedback on what has been presented.

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These issues must be debated for “The Right Reasons”.

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