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It’s the morning after and the results were not surprising. The personal destruction of Dwain Lingenfelter worked out quite nicely for Brad Wall and company and we now have a one-party state in Saskatchewan.

It is very obvious for all to see that vast amounts of money and a good ad agency can really sway the public mood. The NDP did an excellent job of messing in their own nest. Have some of the major questions facing Saskatchewan people been solved? No. This whole campaign has been about bashing the NDP instead of about electing good government.

I am proud to say that the 5 PC candidates in this campaign talked about good government and finding ways for Saskatchewan people to solve their problems. This campaign should have been about finding real solutions to deteriorating health care in rural Saskatchewan. This campaign should have been about finding a fair and equitable way for Saskatchewan people to share in their resource wealth and this campaign should have been about finding new ways to diversify our economy and build jobs that will be here for decades to come.

My congratulations go out to Premier Wall and his government on having the opportunity to serve Saskatchewan for 4 more years. They have no excuses now not to start addressing these difficult issues. There is virtually no NDP left outside of Regina and Saskatoon. In fact, there is virtually no opposition to the Sask Party in much of our province. That is not a good thing for our style of government. My prediction is that this government will grow arrogant and self-serving in very short order. Mr. Wall’s challenge will be to keep corruption out of the Sask Party government.

Of the 5 PC candidates that ran in this election, 3 finished 3rd and the other 2 missed 3rd place by just a few votes. I believe that had there been 58 PC candidates across Saskatchewan backed up with the financial ability to communicate their message, that there would have been many strong 3rd place and even some 2nd place finishes. The example of Chris Brown in Cannington is one that I believe is doable all over this province. In a short 2½ weeks, Mr. Brown went from 0 to 500 votes and showed that the PC brand is still very palatable in a lot of Saskatchewan. Tom Steen in Moose Jaw Wakamow, James Yachyshen in Biggar and Roy Gaebel in Regina Wascana Plains can all be proud of their personal representation and as representatives of the P.C. Party of Saskatchewan. The comments by Murray Mandryk about James Yachyshen’s run in Biggar are comments that we should all take heart from.

Sometimes running for the right reasons is not an easy road to hoe. It is something that must be done for the good of our province. The P.C. Party backed up by its financial inheritance will be running 58 candidates in the next provincial election and I am sure by that time that the Sask Party government will have much to answer for. We will fill the gap vacated by the NDP and become the reasonable voice of opposition in this province.

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These issues must be debated for “The Right Reasons”.