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Another week has gone by and the end of harvest is in sight. This is probably one of the best runs of harvest weather Saskatchewan has ever seen except for the wind. The only problem with long stretches of sunny dry weather this time of year is that the fire hazard increases significantly. Both southern Saskatchewan and southern Alberta have experienced large stubble and grass fires in the last few weeks. Hopefully we will get some rain soon. With the start of hunting season in many areas, there are many strangers driving around who may not be aware of how dry it really is and how much damage that cigarette out the window can cause. A prairie fire with a 60k wind behind it is a terrifying experience. No one needs that problem at this time of year.

Speaking of long-time problems being solved, last week the newly-appointed Trustees of the PC Party of Saskatchewan’s Trust Fund have finally been able to assume total control of the Trust Fund. Even though the former Trustees resigned back in June of this year, it has taken this long to get through all of the roadblocks. The PC Party can now present a copy of last year’s audited financial statement to the Chief Electoral Office for the 1st time in 8 years. The public will be aware of the PC Party’s financial resources as is appropriate and we begin a new era as a political party now that our Trust Funds are in the hands of people who ONLY have the best interests of the PC Party of Saskatchewan at heart. This should make for a much better political climate in Saskatchewan because it will give the voters of this province a credible third alternative with ongoing financial resources to promote its policies and vision for a different Saskatchewan.

As all of the readers of this commentary are aware, last year Grant Schmidt and I ran a foul of the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and his staff because we had the audacity to hold a media scrum in the rotunda of the Legislative building without asking permission first. I have always talked to the media in the rotunda and always assumed that is where political discourse in this province should take place. This building is owned by the people of this province not the politicians. As a result of this Mr. Schmidt and I were put on a very strict regime of what we could and could not do in the people’s Legislature. In fact every time I showed up at the door, I was supposed to be escorted to wherever I wished to go by one of the security guards. Thank goodness after a few of these comical episodes I simply would tell them where I was going, get my badge and proceed although it seemed I was watched at all times to make sure I did not display any deviant behaviour.

I have now received a letter from the Speaker saying that my “sentence” is now over and as of October 1st. I don’t have to be escorted or watched any longer. I simply have to follow the rules like everyone else and everything will be fine. In fact, I received another letter on the same day inviting me and I am sure many others to come and see the new green carpet which has been installed in the Legislative Assembly at great expense to you taxpayers. I must be really in his good books now to receive a special invitation to come and walk on the new carpet. I think I will probably pass on this great opportunity and instead wait for the Legislature to come back into session so that I can go and comment on the government’s record on health care, education and government waste. I would far sooner be invited to the announcement of a new enterprise in Saskatchewan which adds value to our resources or an announcement on significant new educational opportunities for our young people. What colour the carpet is in the Legislative building has absolutely no significance to the well-being of the people of this province.

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