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Monday Morning Commentary

Rick Swenson

What a week in politics this has been for the PC Party and for Saskatchewan voters in general. The NDP official opposition has suddenly discovered the PC Trust court cases and asked questions every day last week in Question Period about what members of the Wall government, their staff and their political friends knew about it. Of course, they wouldn’t answer the questions and hid behind the Speaker’s rulings that the questions were out of order. I sat in on last Monday’s Question Period and watched seven of those questions being asked and would have loved to have been asking them myself. It is very frustrating sitting behind the Bar of the Legislature some days. The Sask Party government should learn that you can run from your misdeeds but you can’t hide forever.

The week really got interesting towards the end of the week when on Thursday April 15th, the PC Party was finally able to get the Sask Party into the Court of Appeal and hear their excuses as to why the PC Party lawsuit against them should not go ahead. Their main complaint to the Judge was that we had not provided them with the names of the people who give the PC Party information on these matters. Sitting in the court room with several other PC supporters and the Media, I think we were all a little perplexed at that line of reasoning. The legal counsel for the PC Party put our position forward very matter of factly and to the point. There was a full media scrum outside the court house and I was asked lots of very good questions about the PC Party’s position. I think they are finally starting to get the point that the Sask Party has been up to no good. I had hoped for a decision that day but the three judge panel choose to reserve judgement for another day - hopefully it will be soon.

There were several other issues that jumped out this week which I think were quite astounding to Saskatchewan voters. The kidney transplant unit at Saskatoon has been shut down since last June and the only Saskatchewan patients getting transplants have had to go to Edmonton for the procedure. It seems the good old medical bureaucracy in the Saskatoon health region and the doc’s are in some kind of dispute, the result of which is as usual the people on the waiting lists suffer and some will probably die. Great way to run a medical system and of course, the Minister responsible can’t do anything because it’s the responsibility of the Health District. He can tell them that they are going to have Essential Services Legislation and give the nurses a huge wage increase without asking their permission because it’s good politics for his government but getting a few kidneys transplanted seems beyond Mr. McMorris’s or Mr.Wall’s capability.

And finally, we heard the breaking news on Friday that the honourable Member from Saskatoon, Mr. LeClerc (the guy who was going to take
Mr. Lingenfelter out behind a bar somewhere and teach him a lesson), now appears from the news reports that he allegedly only wants to go out and snort some white powder and talk about kinky sex. He has removed himself from the the Sask Party caucus and his extra duties as an MLA but of course, he will continue to collect his $82,000.00 a year salary and probably not darken the door of the Leg building for quite sometime. How this will all turn out is anybody’s guess but one thing is for sure - that voters and taxpayers of this province are not being well served when this kind of nonsense goes on. We cannot keep turning people off of our political process or soon no one will go out to vote and then we will only have the self-servers left and there are already enough of those there already.

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