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Monday Morning Commentary

Rick Swenson

I will need to beg everyone’s indulgence with this week’s Monday Morning Commentary. I usually prepare most of my material on Sunday evening, sleep on it and finish it off on Monday morning after sober second thought.

It was 10 PM Sunday night before I sat down at the computer because my lovely bride and I had just come up from the barn where we had been since 7 PM. The issue was a cow with severely plugged teats, a calf that wouldn’t suck or had lost the will to suck and two people who aren’t used to milking a cow that had never been milked in her life. I am not the best typist at the best of times and now the old wrists and fingers are pretty much done for the night after pulling and squeezing on the aforementioned teats.

There is much to comment on with some fairly significant events unfolding over the last week that need a PC Party viewpoint so Monday Morning will become Monday Night or Tuesday Morning. It’s the pits having to make a living and do your political passion at the same time but maybe those folks in the Leg should try milking a range cow once in a while instead of doing what they are doing for most of this session and our world would be a better place.

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