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It started raining at 11:00 AM Saturday morning and by 3:00 PM, there was an inch and a half in the rain gage so seeding is delayed once more on the Swenson farm. The weather people are talking about 30-40 more millimetres starting Monday evening and I guess I am about average with only a third of my crop seeded so there will certainly be lots of pressure around rural Saskatchewan when the sun finally begins to shine.

Mercifully, the Legislative Assembly came to a conclusion of the spring sitting on Thursday last. As most of the media has reported, there were mostly losers this session. The Saskatchewan Party showed that when times get tough, they don’t have a clue how to govern and have simply resorted to bullying tactics to ram through legislation that mostly benefits their friends and political donors. The NDP should be the winner because when the government doesn’t do well, normally the official opposition picks up. That doesn’t seem to be the case this time around. The media has focused on Dwain Lingenfelter’s shortcomings rather than the NDP holding the government accountable. As we saw by the massive rally of disenfranchised Saskatchewan citizens on the steps and lawns of the Legislative Building this last week, many Saskatchewan taxpayers and voters feel like they have lost something. Our province has so many great opportunities to move ahead and lead and yet our politicians seem more interested in their political games than doing the right thing. I believe there are more and more people looking for other alternatives all the time. The PC Party of Saskatchewan has an excellent opportunity to garner new supporters and reacquaint ourselves with some of our old supporters. Certainly all taxpayers lose when their government refuses to consult and listen to the silent majority.

I had the opportunity to get in on the John Gormley show last week with guest host Richard Brown on the topic of what was wrong with our Legislative Assembly and the people currently sitting there. We had a great 10 minute discussion - something that would never have happened if John Gormley was hosting on that day. Mr. Brown seemed to have truly appreciated a third-party view that there are other political voices with opinions that should be heard. I would encourage all of you to take the opportunity to phone in and make your views known on the various open line shows. A PC point of view now has a more receptive audience than it did at the time of the 2007 election when everyone simply wanted to get rid of the old and tired NDP government.

Brad Wall took off to China and ignored the last week of the Legislative sitting when so many contentious issues were being discussed. This begs the question – is the Saskatchewan Party really interested in what ‘s best for Saskatchewan citizens or is this all about Mr. Wall’s personal agenda? What’s more important – a trade office in China or the views of Saskatchewan people?

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These issues must be debated for “The Right Reasons”.