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Despite more rain and little crop getting seeded once again this past week, there was good news in the Swenson household on Friday, May 28th. The Swenson family welcomed a new Progressive Conservative member. Your Leader is now a proud “Grandfather” for the first time to Owen Gordon Swenson.

I now have another reason to work hard to make this province a better place to live. I am sure families all over our great province have had the same kind of joy in their lives and that is why we have all worked hard to achieve better lives.
The goal is always trying to get good government to focus on the real important things rather than the silliness of politics. Heaven knows we witnessed enough silliness in the Legislature this past session to last a long time.

It seems our Federal politicians have finally figured out that the vast majority of taxpayers are on the side of Sheila Fraser – our Auditor General. She has been asking for the right to review MPs expense allowances and perks for many years. It seems that all the Federal political parties are now trying to find ways to eat some crow and get on with divulging this huge expenditure of taxpayers’ money.

It’s hard to believe that each of our Federal MPs accounts for nearly half a million dollars in expenses each year and until now, have not had to divulge how that money was spent. Why shouldn’t they be accountable the same way that Saskatchewan MLAs have been since the mid 1990s. These people are supposed to be our publicly-elected servants and there is nothing that they do in relation to their duties and that should not be explainable to the people who sent them there in the first place.

Saskatchewan politicians should not rest on their laurels because we still don’t know what the various caucuses do with the almost $2 million allocated to the Sask Party and NDP MLAs in Regina. Caucus money is money granted to the various parties when they elect MLAs to the Legislative Assembly. The grant is based on the number of members. How those caucuses spend that money is their business but they should in turn, tell the rest of us what the various amounts were for. The PC Party and it’s elected members paid a heavy price in the past because of pooled Caucus monies. We as a party should make it very clear where we stand on this issue. We will be on the side of taxpayers and accountability.

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These issues must be debated for “The Right Reasons”.