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Finally the PC Party of Saskatchewan received some good news last Friday! The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal has unanimously ruled in our favour and against the Sask Party’s appeal of the Kyle decision. This means that our joint suit against them and our former Trustees will now proceed to trial. The Sask Party will have to file a defence within 10 days. They should be able to do this as they have been delaying the appeal for a year and a half. This also means that we can now look forward to a time when some of the resources that should have been available to us 5 years ago, can now be brought to bear on Saskatchewan politics. The PC solutions for issues on health care, education, agriculture, development of our rich resources, our water and the betterment of Saskatchewan as a society will be able to be talked about instead of all of our resources going to fight legal actions that are nothing more than self-serving delays from members of the Sask Party.

I have been receiving emails and phone calls from individuals across this province who believe that they are falling through the cracks and that the current government is no better than the last one. The Sask Party likes to look after their friends as we have witnessed with the recent appointment of Bob Mason, the very recently retired Executive Director of the Sask Party, being named the CEO of the Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation at $110,000 per year stipend. This is a job that used to be done in our government by a bureaucrat in the Department of Highways that took about 2 days work a month to do all the business necessary. This is a total affront to the taxpayers of Saskatchewan. Meanwhile, another of our communities has been hammered by Mother Nature and the people of North Battleford and area will be looking for some kind of assistance for the flood and hail damage which has devastated their community. Mr. Mason should be sent up there to pump basements or do something constructive for the other 28 days a month that he is not doing grain car business. He is just a symptom of a government that cares not about democracy but only looking after itself. How quickly they have learned from the NDP.

Speaking of affronts to democracy - the Sask Justice Minister, Don Morgan, has recently announced that the Sask Party is going to go looking for a new Chief Electoral Officer and that they are prepared to use their Legislative majority to ram through whatever name they pick so that they have their own person in place for the 2011 general election. As you are probably aware, the PC Party led the charge last spring to have all of the opposition parties join together and block the Sask Party’s dismissal of the Acting Chief Electoral Officer, Mr. Wilkie.
Mr. Wilkie has proven himself to be exactly what is needed in that position. He is a non-partisan bureaucrat who simply looks to manage as best as he can with the resources and people allocated to him by his budget to produce a fair and equitable electoral system for our province. He and his predecessor have been fair in every action that the PC Party has been involved in since our resurrection in 2006. I have seen no indication after attending many meetings and personal interviews with the Chief Electoral Office that they are anything but fair and honest.

I guess I should not be surprised that the Sask Party government would try and manipulate the electoral process because look what they have done with the PC Trust Fund for the last 5 years. It is a sad commentary that our governing party must stoop to such lows instead of relying on the goodness of their policies and actions to get themselves re-elected.

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