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So much for the hiring freeze announced by the Sask Party government in the spring session of the Legislature! It seems that another of the Premier’s inner circle from the 1980’s and who also happens to be the Premier’s first cousin, has landed a $100,000+/year job as Chief of Staff to the Minister of Highways.

Jason Wall has now gone from home developer in Pense to the cushy confines of the Legislature. If the Premier keeps this pace up of a “friend/relative of the week” for the remainder of his term, the taxpayers of Saskatchewan are really going to feel the bite and the so-called hiring freeze only applies to those bad union types that don’t like the Sask Party. I wonder who will be hired next week? I’ve been trying to think who might have been in that video that Mr. Wall and his friends made that doesn’t yet have a cushy government job – I’m sure we will hear about them sometime in the near future.

This certainly speaks to the issue of trust and the promises that were made by this government. We have had massive budget miscalculations. We have this overt partisanship of putting people into non-partisan civil service jobs that are simply party hacks. We have the Sask Party caucus rejecting the all-party recommendation for a new Chief Electoral Officer. And of course, we have had Mr. Wall and his friends messing around with the PC Party trust fund. When you add all of these up, it really begs the question …. can you trust Mr. Wall to do what he says he is going to do without first looking after himself and his friends? The people of Saskatchewan need to know that they come first and that their politicians are making decisions for the right reasons – not selfish reasons.

Speaking of campaign promises….both the NDP and the Sask Party have campaigned on making the lives of our senior citizens better and certainly a safer quality of life. In fact, the Sask Party campaigned back in the 2007 provincial election on providing free home security devices and doing a home safety audit for low income seniors and for seniors who have been victims of break-ins or home invasions. We have certainly heard about a number of these types of criminal occurrences in the news lately. The home invasion of the senior citizen in St. Louis and her subsequent beating and robbery by 4 individuals has been widely talked about in the news. The reason I raise this is that 3 years into their term of office, the Sask Party has done nothing about their promised $2 million initiative to get this matter started. What other promises have they yet to fulfill?

There are rumours flying around town that there is major dissension in the Sask Party Caucus and that there will be announcements of individuals choosing not to run again for the Sask Party. Some of these announcements could occur within the next few weeks. I believe these rumours are an indication of how members of that government are becoming tired of a small click of cronies around the Premier who are making all of the decisions for this government and the elected members are being left out in the dark or are simply told to follow orders or else. This is a symptom which usually occurs in the 2nd term of government. If this is already happening to this Sask Party government, it will not be long before the general public will feel the same level of dissatisfaction. I believe it is all the more imperative that the PC Party of Saskatchewan reaches out to as many people as possible and look actively for new members and possible candidates. The people of this province do not want to go back to
Mr. Lingenfelter and the NDP. They will want an alternative which will look after their issues for the right reasons.

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These issues must be debated for “The Right Reasons”.