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I hope everyone is enjoying Labour Day. We should always remember those in our workforce who do the jobs that make our society function, who do the building and we should always remember those who unfortunately lose their lives during the course of their labours. Safety in the work place is something that must be constantly talked about and our occupational health and safety rules and regulations must be enforced for the benefit of all.

It’s also great to see the Riders win again at the Labour Day classic and congratulations to the town of Avonlea for being named “Riderville 2010”. I get the opportunity a few times a year to wonder down to the great golf course at Avonlea and know that the folks around there are tremendously proud Saskatchewan citizens and Roughrider fans. I’ve also known a lot of good Progressive Conservatives from around their over the years and hope that in the future, those folks will come back to the PC fold when given the opportunity to support things for the right reasons.

The Serge LeClerc saga is finally winding to a close. He has finally done the right thing and resigned from the Legislative Assembly – something he should have done months ago and not simply continued to take the taxpayers’ money as long as possible. This Sask Party charade has cost the people of Saskatoon Northwest a functioning member of the Legislature for months and has been an embarrassment to the entire province. The RCMP have said they aren’t going to charge Mr. LeClerc for marijuana smoke and white powder which blew away in the wind a couple of years ago. Surprise surprise! And there is nothing they can do – thank goodness – about the fact that Mr. LeClerc (who wouldn’t be the first married man or the first politician) wanted to engage in a little homosexual escapade. With his resignation, this opens Saskatoon Northwest up for a by-election so that the people can once again be represented. Mr. Wall says that this is all behind us now and we should simply move on without any questions being asked about his judgement in recruiting this individual and the actions of Mr. LeClerc while he was a member of the Sask Party caucus. These are legitimate questions and they should be talked about during the upcoming by-election because we do have issues of trust, of honesty and of integrity. It is important that when we send individuals to the Legislative Assembly, their only concern should be representing their constituents for the betterment of the province. It is an honour to be chosen to serve – not a right of entitlement.
Mr. LeClerc seemed to think he was entitled to many things that had nothing to do with the people of Saskatoon Northwest.

The Sask Party government has finally announced a resumption of the living donor kidney transplant program for Saskatchewan. For two long years, Saskatchewan people have had to go outside of our province for this procedure. It is well known that the success rate of transplants from living donors is far higher than that from deceased donors. It has truly been an embarrassment for our province to have to send our folks to Edmonton, Winnipeg and other places for this life saving procedure to say nothing of the costs to the taxpayer because at times, whole families have to be moved around to make this happen. During the last election campaign, the PC Party of Saskatchewan campaigned on the fact that not enough donors are available and that we should take steps to ensure that people mark their driver’s licenses, talk amongst their families and do everything that we can to ensure that valuable organs are not wasted but can give life to those in need. The Sask Party has been so focused on trying to buy peace with various parts of the health care sector that they have neglected many of the really important functions of our health system. This should be one of the topics roundly discussed in the upcoming Saskatoon Northwest by-election.

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These issues must be debated for “The Right Reasons”.