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It’s another rainy day in southern Saskatchewan. We have received over 1½ inches in the last week. The fields are once again very soft and soggy and if this week stays as wet as they are forecasting, it will take a week of very good weather to be able to even drive in them. I’m sure the same scenario seems to being played out all over Saskatchewan with different folks getting different storms but the entire province seems to be getting something almost every night. Now they are forecasting frost for the end of the week. I’m sure most farm families are saying a few prayers, keeping their fingers crossed and hoping that there is still something left in both the provincial and federal coiffeurs so that if the worst case happens, there will be support through what could be a very long and trying winter.

Last week, the NDP came out with their policy on the current potash situation. I was quite surprised given Mr. Lingenfelter’s past experience in government and as one who has worked in the resource sector that his only policy initiative was to have a special session of the Legislative Assembly where people could come in and give their views to all 58 MLAs. You all know that I have a very strong belief in our Legislative Assembly and the role that it plays in our democracy. But I don’t believe for a minute that this would bring about any meaningful discourse to the issues around the potential sale of PCS. The same left-wing characters that turned the uranium hearings into a gong show would show up and demand to be heard. This combined with the on-going animosity between the Sask Party MLAs and the NDP MLAs which brought the Legislature to a virtual standstill in the last two sessions would mean that we the public would not be well served. So in fact, neither of the two parties represented in the Legislative Assembly have put out anything meaningful on this subject. This should make the upcoming by-election in Saskatoon Northwest an ideal forum for people to question the performance of both the Sask Party and the NDP and present the opportunity for new and fresh ideas or at least ideas with substance to come forward. I look forward to an opportunity to talk potash with the good folks of Saskatoon Northwest.

Speaking of Saskatoon Northwest, it now appears for certain that the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan will be fielding a candidate. This is the first time in many, many years that the PC Party has been represented in a by-election and we are looking forward to the opportunity to reintroduce ourselves to voters, to talk about our solutions for Saskatchewan’s problems and to set some of the ground work for the next general election that is set for November 2011. I had the opportunity to attend the evening gathering for Prime Minister Stephen Harper last Thursday night in Saskatoon and was pleased with the reception that I and other Progressive Conservatives received that evening. There were also a lot of hairy eyeballs from some of the staunch Sask Party folks but that is to be expected. This once again should make for interesting times in the upcoming by-election. If any of you can find the time, it would be great to see folks come to Saskatoon and do a little campaigning. There is nothing like talking to people one-on-one at the doors to get a real sense of what’s going on in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. Stay tuned for an official announcement of the candidate and various policy initiatives in the near future.

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