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Finally Mother Nature has smiled and on the Swenson farm, we were able to start combining Saturday afternoon. I started on some peas which were touch-and-go with mud pushing out in front of the flex header but we were able to finish one field and move onto some lentils which are long overdue. My fondest wish is that people all over this great province will be able to finally start harvest in earnest. Hopefully the good weather will hold and farm families and those helping them will always think about safety first.

Our friends in the Sask Party have had their wings clipped once again. The Speaker of the Legislature has made them pull their anti-Lingenfelter ads because they have taken photo images from the Assembly. It has been understood since television came into the Legislature that the televised verbatim was not to be used in any political way. This was done so that debate could flow freely in the Assembly and that the words of members could not be taken out of context with short clips. Brad Wall and the rest of his colleagues have known these rules from the time they were sworn into the Legislature and his political backroom boys should also know the rules. If they don’t, their political masters should make sure that they do. This was another case just like the screwing around with the Tory trust funds of the Sask Party believing that their political success overrides any qualms that people should have about doing the right thing. This is about winning in Saskatoon Northwest at all costs. And that my friends is not good for democracy or our political system. Thank goodness Don Toth (Speaker of the Legislative Assembly) had the moxie to tell his own Premier that he was doing wrong. It’s too bad that the rest of them don’t have the same kind of courage.

I have been to Saskatoon 3 times in the last 3 weeks helping Manny Sonnenschein get his campaign off of the ground. My hearty thanks to all of you who have been helping out and I sure hope that as the campaign continues, that more folks will find the time to give Manny a hand or at least send a cheque in appreciation of the task that he is undertaking on behalf of the PC Party of Saskatchewan.

It was really great to get out on the doors last Wednesday along with Manny, James and a couple of other folks and get a feel for what is going on out there. I felt the reception was very good and that there is a genuine desire by the voters of Saskatoon Northwest to be represented by someone who is totally different than Serge LeClerc. A lot of people that I talked to found it bizarre that they would be forced into electing a new MLA for a short 12-month term. A lot of them also felt that they had not been well represented in the past and it was time that someone represented them that didn’t have this huge sense of personal entitlement. I think that the Sask Party with their candidate, Mr. Wyant, are just simply looking for more of the same – another sense of personal entitlement. The problem is that the Sask Party had about 2100 votes to spare after the last election and it’s a tough, uphill fight.

Manny is working very hard. He is out at 6:30 AM with his custom-made “Manny is The Man” sign mounted on a pickup truck and he stands there for an hour and waves to the folks as they go to work. I think it is great strategy to re-introduce the PC brand to the people of Saskatoon Northwest and also to lots of other people in the city of Saskatoon. As I walked the doors the other night visiting with all of these people in that part of Saskatoon and seeing all the opportunity that was available to us, it simply made me all the more determined that our trust funds should be put to the use that they were always envisioned for and that we must press on with the court case and win again as we have every time thus far. Saskatchewan needs a third choice – a PC choice.

I know that some people that read this commentary are not PC members or have not been members of the PC Party in the past. I appreciate that there will be divergent views on the issues I raise but I can assure you that there is always an honest attempt to give you the straight goods and to present a view that has been missing from our political landscape for a long time. Please bear with me.

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