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It looks like Saskatchewan’s annual mega-project is finally underway. Spring seeding in my area started during the past week and is now really starting to gear up. As of this morning, I still don’t have anything in the ground but I am hoping this week to finally start planting some of my crops so that I have a chance to get back all of the money that has been spent in preparation. That’s the reason I call it a mega-project because of the investment that is made by Saskatchewan farmers each and every year and hope that there is a return on that investment.

The topic that I have chosen this week is one that most of us think about when we hear and see the news stories about things like the Boston Marathon bombing and the arrest of individuals in Ontario who were attempting to de-rail a VIA passenger train.

Immigration is an item primarily handled by the federal government in Canada although most of the provinces have immigrant investor components which allows provinces to target certain types of immigrants. It is obvious from watching the news stories and reading McLean’s and other publications that domestic terrorism is not limited to new immigrants but can in fact be people who are born and raised in our country.

This is truly a sad commentary that so much of our policing resources have to be tied up watching out for these folks and that people do not cherish their Canadian or for that matter, American citizenship, any more than they do. Saskatchewan used to be a place where we seldom saw immigrants who were from places other than United Kingdom or Europe. That is certainly changing. We in Saskatchewan and Canada have always had the opportunity and the privilege to go to bed at night in our homes and not worry about someone setting off a bomb next door, on our street, in our neighbourhood or for that matter, in our province. This new reality of “looking over our shoulder” and having to look out for some radicalized nutcase who wants to use religion as a crutch for all of the things wrong in their life means that our policy setters in this country need a wake up call.

The obtaining of Canadian citizenship and the rights and the privileges that go along with that have been sold too cheaply in my view. Our governments both federal and provincial have either wanted to look good in the eyes of the world community by accepting so-called “refugees” from wherever or are in such a hurry to get cash from people who want to buy their way into our country that the proper questions are not being asked.

If people are not prepared to leave their regional squabbles, their ethnic divisions and their religious wars where they came from, then why would we allow them to bring all of that garbage into Canada? Our forefathers came here in most cases because this was the land of opportunity where hard work and community building were the rewards that made them leave their homelands behind. We have all benefitted from that hard work and dedication.

We as a country and a people should expect that our politicians and policy makers would be diligent enough to ensure that we can go to sleep at night in our homes and wake up in the morning knowing that our families are safe, our communities are safe and we don’t have to look over our shoulders at new people who are coming into our communities because we are not sure our immigration rules and regulations are not doing their job.

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These issues must be debated for “The Right Reasons”.