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This is the weekend that we normally target to be finished seeding by. This year, I am just starting so the days are long and the nights are short and so will my comments be this morning.

Congratulations to re-elected Premier Christy Clark in British Columbia. Ms Clark confounded the pollsters, the media, pundants and her political opponents to increase the size of her majority government. The strange thing is the Premier lost her own seat and only 52% of British Columbians took the opportunity to vote in what was supposed to be such an important election with many issues in play. I am sure that New Democrats across this country must be wondering what happened to Mr. Dix and the 20% lead he had in the polls going into the campaign. Maybe playing the environmental card to the degree he did should send a message across this country – that economics and putting food on your table and paying your mortgage are still very important to the average citizen.

Maybe the other half of British Columbians that didn’t bother to vote and the legions of young people across our country who do not vote are further evidence that the disgusting political theatre going on in Ottawa with the Canadian Senate and members of the Prime Minister’s office are proof positive that our democracy is in danger.

The spoiled brats that Stephen Harper has been appointing to the Senate have brought many Canadians including myself to wondering whether we should keep the institution at all. Really! How much money do these people need that they need to spend all their time trying to work the system down to the last dime? Is not the Canadian Senate supposed to be the institution of sober second thought to balance the power of the Prime Minister and the House of Commons? It seems that the political power of Ottawa does corrupt people. The former Reformers now running the Conservative Party of Canada were the very people who said that the old order in Ottawa had to go and that Progressive Conservatives needed to step aside and let a new type of “conservative” clean up the Ottawa political culture. It seems the so-called “reformers” only lasted for 6 or 7 years before the Ottawa curse took over.

If this does not get cleaned up and if individual Parliamentarians do not stand up and take control of their own destinies then Canadians will continue to abandon our democratic system. It is time for Stephen Harper to do the right thing – not the political thing.

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These issues must be debated for “The Right Reasons”.