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Monday Morning Commentary

Rick Swenson

I thought it appropriate that I delay Monday Morning Commentary until after the Federal Cabinet shuffle just in case there was something in that shuffle that would have significance for Saskatchewan.

After looking over the lists and pondering the new appointments and the shuffling of the existing deck, I really can’t see anything that will affect Saskatchewan’s outlook on the world in any significant way. The Ministers that deal with issues like agriculture, natural resources or international trade have stayed pat. Saskatchewan is a province that lives by exporting resources, agricultural commodities and agricultural manufacturing. Nothing in this cabinet shuffle – at least at first glance – tells me that anything in these areas is going to change from the federal perspective.

What certainly has changed is the ratio between males and females. I would like to congratulate the Prime Minister on promoting a number of young, aggressive females to the Cabinet table. They should bring a different perspective from some of the male colleagues who seemed content to simply parrot the wishes of the backroom boys in the PM’s office. Only time will tell if these newcomers have the backbone to stand up and demand change from the Prime Minister’s backroom crew.

I think everyone in Canada is aware of the appeal that Justin Trudeau has for female voters and more importantly, that group of our society who are referred to as the “millennium generation”. This is the group of people in Canada who were born after 1981 and who are increasingly becoming the dominant part of our work force and the people that will be asked to pay the bills for this country in the future. It is extremely important that politicians of all stripes pay attention to this group and ensure that Canada’s advantageous place in the world continues well into the future.

Prime Minister Harper has two years to change the way that his government is perceived. Rightly or wrongly, Canadians do not like being dictated to. Justin Trudeau’s father found that out and numerous provincial premiers who stayed longer than their “best before date” have also found out the dire consequences of telling Canadians what they should think or do.

Saskatchewan is the envy of many other Canadians because of our resources, our rich agricultural land base and our wide-open and unspoiled environment. These same attributes have now become the envy of many in the world. How we manage these things will be the true test of our political leadership.

Our Federal representation, in my view, needs to be strengthened. Saskatchewan only has 14 MPs. Our Members of Parliament need to be individuals who can step up to the plate and hit above the average of other places or we will simply get ignored or left to the devices of Brad Wall and the Sask Party. I think many people in Saskatchewan would join me in saying we expected a little more. I guess time will tell.

Next week I will be wearing my RM Councillor hat as I am attending the District APAS meetings in Regina and am hoping as a new councillor to get a feel for where this general farm organization is heading and perhaps try and contribute to some of the issues currently facing rural Saskatchewan. As such, the next Monday Morning Commentary will be sent out on July 29th.

Your feedback is welcome on anything you see in the Monday Morning Commentary. Please send your comments to contact @pcsask.ca. If you know of anyone that would be interested in receiving this by email, please forward me their email address. Also – don’t forget to check out our website at pcsask.ca.

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