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There has been a great run of harvest weather on the Swenson farm and hopefully we will finish up the wheat today which should catch us up with nothing else ready to go. Many of my neighbours seem to be in the same boat with good yields and good quality - so far so good.

The same can’t be said for the state of education in the province of Saskatchewan. This past week has seen the resignation of the Minister of Education who has made some excuses about not being able to communicate the government’s message. The reason he can’t communicate the government’s message is because it is such a mixed bag of ultimatums and contradictions that none of the stakeholders in education can sort it out. Like all things that come from the inner circle of Mr. Wall’s government, it is more about their own personal philosophies rather than good management.

Because Saskatchewan has a growing population, there are many new challenges for our educational infrastructure. We are seeing portable classrooms moved in to accommodate growing populations in urban areas, rural enrolments are still declining in places and many school regions have experienced dramatic budget cuts because of the new funding formulas. On top of these challenges, we have a government which wants to jam new curriculum and standardized testing down the throats of school boards, teachers and most importantly, parents. No wonder the Minister quit.

Maybe instead of Mr. Wall spending his time learning how to pick a banjo and doing self-promotion videos for his own ego, he should be paying attention to what his Ministers are doing and not doing. We now have the Minister of Education being the current Minister of Labour and Public Security which means that Mr. Wall can’t find a replacement with any ability in that huge caucus of his. An already busy Minister has to take up the load because Mr. Wall can’t trust any of the rest. Not only can he not find competent ones, but he has put the incompetent Rob Norris back into the portfolio of adult education and employment that he royalty screwed up just a short time ago and had to be bounced out of cabinet for his incompetence.

This is the result that you get when an entire government is run by a handful of people at the centre who want to play their own ideological games. Education in this province is too important for these games. It has always been the backbone of our society and is how Saskatchewan will continue to prosper into the future. Our children deserve better than what we have been getting from the Wall government.

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