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I had the best intentions of doing my commentary Monday morning as usual but Mother Nature, however, got in the way. Like many people in this province, my family became directly involved in dealing with too much water in unwanted places.

My wife received an emergency call Sunday evening to go into Regina because the two sump pumps in my Mother-in-law’s basement could not handle the water coming in. Joanne was up most of Sunday night manning the shop vac and I came in early Monday morning to do some trenching and doing whatever else to get the water away from the house and take my shifts on the shop vac. This process continued through Canada Day so consequently Monday Morning Commentary got on the back burner this week. Fortunately for our situation the power did not go out like it did for much of south eastern Saskatchewan. That must be a very helpless situation to be in when you do have modern technology to help out and then all of a sudden you can’t use it and you have to watch your house and property flood.

I would like to extend a happy Canada Day to everyone across this province. We have much to be grateful for in this great country of ours and we only have to look around the world to see how other folks that when faced with natural disasters, don’t have the tools to deal with them like we do here.

To all of you who were manning the dikes, pumping the water and helping out your neighbours, my hat goes off to you and your families for doing the things that need to be done and hopefully in the not too distant future, you will have a day to relax and celebrate all the goodness that we have.

Saskatchewan has had quite a bit of experience with this situation in the last few years. Hopefully the lessons have been learned and we now have a provincial disaster mechanism that should work like a well-oiled glove. The whole PDAP process left much to be desired in the past. People, their communities and municipalities were waiting for up to 2 years for financial assistance. That should not be the case anymore. Our Finance Minister was bragging about a surplus budget only last week. It is now time to put the surplus to work on behalf of the taxpayers of this province and put it to work right now.

Government, in my view, should always be the servant and never the master. It’s time for Mr. Wall and his crew to serve the people of Saskatchewan.

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