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Monday Morning Commentary

Rick Swenson

This spring, the PC Party raised issues around the sale of over 700 quarters of prime Saskatchewan farm land to the Canada Pension Plan. We took this issue to the steps of the Legislative Assembly asking that details of this transaction be revealed to the public. We asked the Saskatchewan government to release any legal opinions and other due diligence that they would have undertaken before allowing this transaction to take place.

To date, none of that information has been forthcoming. The Farm Land Security Board responded to our written requests with a simple statement saying this transaction is not their responsibility. Provincial Cabinet Ministers when questioned about this transaction by the media alluded to legal opinions but never released them. It appears that this precedent-setting sale of Saskatchewan’s greatest resource is nothing more than what we have always suspected and that is a way for some well-placed friends of the government to make huge financial gains for themselves and their businesses. This has all taken place regardless of what Saskatchewan legislation says or implies.

Therefore, this morning the PC Party of Saskatchewan is launching a radio campaign which over the next several weeks will be carried by various stations across the province. In this radio campaign, we will be asking Saskatchewan citizens to voice their displeasure with this sale of Saskatchewan farm land to the CPP. They will be able to do this by signing an online petition on the PC Party website, send letters to Premier Wall and we will also be asking individuals to contribute financially so that the Party can advertise in other forms of media across the province. We are doing this to make people aware of what the government has done and attempt to reverse this transaction. All of these things can be done by going to the PC Party website at www.pcsask.ca.

I believe very strongly that this transaction is the wrong one for Saskatchewan. It is the wrong direction for agriculture and down the road, it will impair the ability of Saskatchewan farm families to maintain and grow their businesses in the best interest of our society. Our land resource has been the backbone of our economy and our society for as long as we have been a province. Although it is not as important economically as it once was, our agricultural resource will continue to be a huge part of what this province is all about and play a very strong role in Canada’s economic future because of the worldwide demand for healthy food products.

Why we would want to put such an important resource in the hands of speculators and people whose main goals in life are not the sustainable growing of food is beyond my comprehension. So I ask each and everyone of you to take the opportunity to sign this petition to encourage your family and friends to sign the petition and as well to take the opportunity to contribute financially with a tax deductible donation so that the PC Party can get this message out all across this province from border to border. This transaction must be transparent to the public in all its aspects and there should be a well-rounded debate in this province before we let our land resources be sold off in this manner. If the current Sask Party government is confident in their reasons for this sale, then why haven’t they released the legal opinions and other information requested? What are they hiding?

Your feedback is welcome on anything you see in the Monday Morning Commentary. Please send your comments to contact @pcsask.ca. If you know of anyone that would be interested in receiving this by email, please forward me their email address. Also – don’t forget to check out our website at pcsask.ca.

These issues must be debated for “The Right Reasons”.

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