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Here we are in the first week of August - which is normally our hottest and driest part of the year - and we are having almost daily and nightly thunderstorms. Last night, we had a real loud display of Mother Nature's power along with another 9/10" of an inch of rain. All the folks trying to combine lentils and peas in this area do not need more moisture at this time. This story seems to be repeating itself all across Saskatchewan with devastating consequences for both urban and rural residents. Let's hope this lets up for a few weeks and get some of this crop harvested in good condition to meet our export commitments.

Speaking about weathering storms and living up to your commitments, it seems we are going to have a new Deputy Premier sometime today because the last one obviously didn't practice what he preached. Don McMorris, Minister in charge of SLGA and the campaign against impaired driving in Saskatchewan, was charged with impaired driving Friday night. He has subsequently resigned from Cabinet and has withdrawn from the Sask Party caucus for the time being.

The ironic part is that Mr. McMorris was stopped by the RCMP, according to the news reports, in an orange zone along Number 1 highway east of Regina caused by the construction of the south Regina bypass. Mr. McMorris has been the lead Minister on behalf of the Wall government on this project and in fact, was the Minister who ignored the many people, organizations and industry people who objected to the route of this plan. The PC Party has questioned this Minister's judgement for a long time on this huge expenditure of taxpayers' money and I would suggest that this Minister has exercised very poor judgement in this matter and obviously around the issues that he now faces with his impaired driving charge. At least he has done the honourable thing - in this instance - and has stepped down from Cabinet. Maybe the pressures of public life have gotten to the point where Mr. McMorris should consider exiting the political world.

It will be interesting to see who the new Deputy Premier will be. Will the Premier practice his usual style of government and pick a crony or will he go for someone who isn't as controllable but who has the best interests of Saskatchewan at heart? My betting is on an old friend who is already in the "inner" circle.

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