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It looks like we just might be getting our first taste of winter later today and into tomorrow. We had our fair share of wind and rain yesterday and through the night so it has definitely put a halt to my fence building project for a couple of days. There is still quite a bit of crop out in this area and a heavy snow fall would be very bad for it so hopefully it will melt as fast as it falls.

In a little over a month from now on November 5th, the PC Party will be holding its annual general meeting and policy discussion at Temple Gardens Mineral Spa in Moose Jaw. I would personally like to invite all the readers of this commentary to think about dropping by for the day. The registration cost is a modest $40.00 which includes your buffet lunch. Please give Stu a call at the PC office to register and get all the details (306-693-7572).

As part of our discussions, we are having two special speakers that will cover the topics of waste heat utilization and solar energy immediately following lunch. Mr. Tom Kenny of Imaginea Energy Corp which is an oil company out of Calgary, Alberta and Ms Brooke Longpre of Sound Solar Systems will be talking about some of the exciting advances in their respective fields and how this relates to the policy put forward by the PC Party in the most recent election.

The PC Party believes that with all of the waste heat opportunities in Saskatchewan to produce greenhouse crops that our province can have a sustainable and exciting new industry which will supply both food and employment for generations to come. It should be a very enjoyable question and answer session with our two presenters particularly in light of the announcement by the Trudeau government that we will be facing mandatory carbon taxes. Saskatchewan must find new constructive ways to deal with our CO2 emissions.

Two events of interest which are related to the Sask Party governments GTH land buying scandal recently occurred. Number one, the Privacy Commissioner, Mr. Kruzeniski, released his report on the issues surrounding the land appraisals which Mr. Wall claimed would justify the government paying $103,000 an acre for land from one of their friends. The Privacy Commissioner stated that the GTH and the government should not have had those appraisals in the first place and ordered them to destroy any copies that they have in their possession and he also stated that those appraisals were never done with the intent of bare land purchases but were for other purposes by the appraisal company.

In other words, the line of "bs" that the Premier was peddling before and during the election campaign was exactly that. Therefore there is much that the former Minister for the GTH must answer for. The Premier had the good sense to remove Mr. Boyd from cabinet and I believe many people in the province were hoping that Mr. Boyd would remove himself from the Legislative Assembly altogether.

Unfortunately it seems that won't be the case. Last Thursday evening, the Kindersley Sask Party constituency association held a annual meeting at which time Mr. Boyd informed the small audience in attendance that he was sticking around to collect his taxpayer-paid salary and represent Kindersley in the Legislature. I am told there were many in attendance at that meeting that were very disappointed in that announcement.

I think the people of Kindersley and Saskatchewan deserve much better because I am sure there will be more details coming out about how Mr. Boyd has mishandled the people of Saskatchewan's money and how "friends" of the Sask Party have benefitted from this deal.

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