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P.C. President’s Commentary

Our leader, Rick Swenson is away on two weeks of earned vacation. My first Monday morning commentary of the year will be a President’s report.

At our Annual General Meeting in early November, Rick announced he would step down as Leader when we elect a new leader. Rick will continue to act as interim leader until we get the Party already to elect a new leader.

Rick has taken us to credibility and an alternative to the two rich and powerful parties of the left and far right.

We must not bring back the NDP who have no progressive (new) ideas. Without a PC Alternative, Brad Wall will mismanage until the Province is bankrupt.

The definition of insolvency is when is when you cannot pay your bills when they become due. Bankruptcy is when your creditors push you to sell your assets and pay your debts. Wall selling your Crown Corporations to pay our debts is bankruptcy.

The Devine PC’s never had to sell Crown Corporations to pay debt. Romanow sold Devine’s new Crown Corporations at a profit and paid off the loans.

Rick and I know the evil empire that lurks in Brad Wall’s office. We fought that empire in the Devine era. We participated in the Sask. Party to keep those same greedy people from dominating the Sask. Party.

For many years, I have warned the people of Saskatchewan that Brad Wall was mismanaging a boom.

Rick and you the incorruptible members of the PC Alternative have kept the PC Party alive so the people of Saskatchewan have an alternative.

In subsequent writings, I will explain how Brad Wall mismanaged the boom. A brief summary is 1 billion wasted on speculators at the Regina bypass, and billions more to rent highways, schools, and nursing homes from investors on Bay Street and Wall Street.

Brad Wall and the Sask. Party can only open the Regina Bypass with borrowed money. In the election, we told the voters but they were not ready to listen.

The new PC Party has new ideas to allow our citizens to prosper in a global market economy.

Politics is a big money game with our citizen’s future at stake. The PC Party has one employee and very little money for advertising to get our message out.

If we do nothing; nothing will change. To do something we need to raise a little money. Please consider a donation to the PC Party so we can advertise our progressive ideas and further investigate the Global Transportation Hub. Remember this tax year ends on December 31, 2016.

In 2017, I am reducing my private work load to spend more time building our party as an alternative to the two failed choices the people now have.

Grant Schmidt
President PC Alternative