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It was nice to take a break from both Saskatchewan’s weather and its political environment. The problem is that neither has gotten any better. Saskatchewan is going to go through several months of winter, and the Wall government refuses to own up to their mistakes.

It is absolutely unconscionable that the Legislative Assembly has been shut down without providing the answers that taxpayers need on the GTH Land scandal. I fully understand the necessity of shutting down the Legislative Assembly for a couple of days to honour the passing of MLA Roger Parent and allow members the opportunity to attend his funeral. But to not have any more question periods or the ability to call witnesses to the Public Accounts Committee until the spring session for the Legislature opens is totally unacceptable.

The Sask Party government can no longer hide behind the report of the Provincial Auditor. Therefore it is time for the Premier and his Ministers, particularly those who were on the committee responsible for the GTH land purchase, to answer the questions on who authorized what? Who made the phone calls? And who is ultimately responsible for this massive waste of taxpayers’ money.

If we as a society don’t have our democratic institutions stand up for us and rely solely on our police forces to provide the necessary scrutiny of public money then we place ourselves in a very vulnerable situation as a people. I do not want to then have politicians influencing the various police forces in order to cover up political wrongdoing. Our Legislative Assembly is the backbone of our democracy and that is why it has the rules it has to allow members to ask questions that are tough, that are embarrassing and that can cost elected people and officials their jobs. That is much more preferable to sinking into a police state and the public of this province should be outraged at the way Brad Wall and his cronies have thumbed their noses at the people of this province by not answering the questions appropriately.

The PC Party is calling on the Sask Party and the NDP to reconvene the Legislative Assembly and do the people’s business.

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These issues must be debated for “The Right Reasons”.