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Yesterday I had the good fortune to finally be able to take in a day of the great Canadian pastime - ice fishing! The weather was a wonderful +7 on January 29th. I was with a couple of good friends, had lots of bites and brought home enough perch for a good feed. Buffalo Pound Lake had enough ice shacks and trailers on it to resemble a good sized town. When I tell my friends in the southern United States about this pastime, they just shake their heads in wonder that a person could sit on a 5 gallon pail, looking down a hole in the ice and enjoying themselves. All this while being dressed usually in very heavy clothing in order to put up with our winter environment. Yesterday was the exception as I was using bare hands some of the time. I hope there are a few more trips to the ice before winter is done.

Speaking of things being done....I am really getting tired of all of our television networks talking about all things "Trump". I want to be able to sit down in front of my television set or turn on my radio at news time and actually get some news about what is going on around me other than the prognostications of Donald Trump. I know he is the President of the most influential country on earth but surely there are other things going on than this constant barrage of what this man does on a minute-by-minute basis or a tweet-by-tweet basis. The good thing about the United States of America is that they have term limits on the office of President and many other political positions and therefore you can get rid of them in a timely manner.

Back here in Saskatchewan, I am expecting the Premier to call a by-election in Saskatoon Meewasin either tonight or tomorrow sometime. It should be a very interesting campaign with all of the different issues that have arisen in Saskatchewan since the last election campaign. Dr. Ryan Meili is now officially the NDP candidate and is a gentleman with radically different views on how our society should be structured. The Progressive Conservatives, the Liberals and the Green Party will also be contesting this election. The Sask Party candidate and the Sask Party government are going to have, I believe, a difficult time explaining all of the broken promises, deception and radical turns on policy which have occurred since the last election campaign.

Everything the PC Party campaigned on in the last election is either coming true or the Sask Party government is adopting our positions. One only has to look at the proposed changes to health care regions to see that departure by the Sask Party government. How our government will deal with the deficit which now stands at a billion dollars a year will be one of the huge questions that must be answered during the by-election campaign and in the upcoming session of the Legislature.

I do not believe that the budget can be balanced without new tax initiatives or increasing some of the existing ones that we already pay. The Wall government says they are not going to do that but we all know that the waste of the GTH land scandal, the south Regina bypass and other Sask Party expenditures must be paid for. In fact, we will be getting monthly bills for the next thirty years on Mr. Wall's expenditures using P3s and they must be paid for.

I look forward to the opportunity of being in Saskatoon and knocking doors with the PC candidate in the upcoming by-election. I hope that some of the readers of this commentary also take the opportunity to become involved in this democratic exercise.

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