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David Porkopchuk Helps Put P.C. Back on the Map

On behalf of the P.C. Party, we thank David Prokopchuk our P.C. Candidate in the Saskatoon- Meewasin for helping to put the new P.C. Party on the Saskatchewan political map.

David’s effort in a well-run campaign showed the new P.C. Party is active and can be an alternative to the Sask. Party and NDP.

David ran against the big money of the Sask. Party and the NDP. He ran against the next Leader of the NDP, the Liberal Leader, and the Green Leader. We finished 2% behind the Liberal leader and ahead of the Green’s Leader.

The big loser was Brad Wall who has lost the confidence of the people. The NDP took 54% of the vote to win a majority of the votes.

The real majority (60% of the voters) who did not vote, had no incentive to vote for the NDP or Sask. Party.

A year ago, before the 2016 General Election, the P.C. Party stood on the steps of the Legislature and forecast Brad Wall’s debt and deficit.

Wall did not present a budget for 2016-2017 and did not reveal the 2015-2016 deficit before the election.

We said the deficit for 2015-2016 would be 1.27 billion. We were low. It ended up being 1.375 billion.

The P.C. Party predicted a 2016-2017 deficit of 728 million. Wall budgeted for $624 million in June 2016 and now admits to a 1.2 billion deficit. We were conservative again.

By now you are getting the point; Brad Wall can’t add or doesn’t know what he is doing or worse yet has been lying to you all along. Ask Brad Wall which answer he prefers.

The P.C. Party can count and we warned the people last year, but they were not ready to listen or believe Brad Wall had mismanaged a boom.

On March 2nd, 2017, 60% of the people in Saskatoon-Meewasin had no incentive to vote for Brad Wall or the NDP. We the P.C. Party must come up with ideas and policies which give the disillusioned majority an incentive to give us the power to fix Saskatchewan’s problems.

The bottom line is P.C.s can understand the budget even without a Finance Department and open books.

Resource revenue may be down, but the real reason for the deficit is the Wall Government’s overspending.

The new Schools, Regina Bypass and $108.5 million Swift Current Care Home are all leased for 30 years. The monthly payments on the Swift Current Care Home are $776,000.00 per month. (according to the Accountant’s report).

The Wall Government will not release the Regina Bypass payments. Based on the Swift Current numbers, P.C.‘s estimate the Regina Bypass payments will be $167 million per year for 30 years (plus indexed for inflation). On October 31st, 2017, Brad Wall needs to borrow $103 million dollars for a balloon payment just to open the East Regina Bypass.

The P.C. Party must adopt a modern conservative agenda. We should consider an incentivist agenda where incentive is built into all policies.

The following is advice given to the federal party. I quote Andrew Coyne from the February 28th, 2017 Globe and Mail,

“At bottom, modern conservatism is rooted in the idea of a society composed of individuals of equal worth and dignity, each the unique intersection of any number of different intermediary group affiliations, and as such transcending all of them: bound together, that is, by their common uniqueness. There is no Us and Them in such a vision of society, and conservatives should reject a politics based on such divisions, whether it comes from the right or left.”

Call us with your ideas for cleaning up Brad Wall’s mess. Tell people we can’t go back to the NDP. Vote P.C.

We attach our March 2016 budget calculations.

Grant Schmidt
President PC Alternative

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