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Suppressing the Truth Weakens Democracy

Modern Government is complicated, big, and bloated. For Brad Wall’s Government you can add secretive and devious. The Junta that runs the Saskatchewan Party only has one goal: Getting re-elected.

Saskatchewan voters are not surprised that Sask. Party politicians would lie to them. Actually, a majority has ignored the lies as long as the good times roll and the party goes on. Now the party is over. Who will pay? We all will pay.

The P.C. Party strives to reveal and explain the truth about the state of our Province. Seeking the truth is never easy when the Wall Government propaganda machine spends millions of your tax dollars to distort or suppress the truth.

Ignorance is the enemy of democracy. It is written here and you may quote me. People who were wiser and greater than I am have more or less said the same thing, but don’t believe every so called quote you have read on the internet or heard in the media.

Somewhere I heard Thomas Jefferson said, “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for survival as a free people.” Before I used the quote, I went to the site of the Thomas Jefferson Library. I trust the site as it is an academic organization which checks the accuracy of Jefferson’s quotes.

The truth is the Jefferson Library cannot find such a Jefferson quote in his papers and writings. They do say it is an internet.com’s good paraphrasing of Jefferson’s views on education.

We do know that in 1981 Ronald Regan said, “If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, as Jefferson cautioned, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed .”

The P.C. Party has investigated Brad Wall’s P3 leased highways, schools, and hospitals. Despite a Government propaganda machine bigger than the combined Saskatchewan media, we have discovered a massive mismanagement of the greatest commodities boom in the history of Saskatchewan.

All this theory is not very exciting so here is some accurate gossip. You did not know that Brad Wall:

1. Predicted a 2015 budget surplus and after the election came in with a $1.2 billion deficit;

2. After the election, he predicted a $624 million 2016 deficit and now says it will be $1.2 billion tax dollars;

3. Needs to find $103 million somewhere to open the east Regina Bypass on October 31st, 2017 (Trick or Treat?);

4. Has more tricks as Wall needs to find $507 million to open the full Regina (?) Bypass on October 31st, 2017;

5. Needs to find $776,000.00 per month to pay the lease on the Swift Current Care Home for 30 years;

6. Does not reveal how much per month the 18 new leased schools will costs per month for 30 years (tweet: very devious);

8. Borrowed $6 billion in November 2016 to pay Government debts.

The P.C. Party is investigating the $6 billion borrowing. The people have no information on the lender, the interest rate and the term of the debenture.

The P.C. Party will continue to inform the residents of Saskatchewan. If the media does not report the truth we have discovered the Saskatchewan Party will continue to get away with deception. The 2016 election was not a mandate from an informed electorate.

And where is the NDP who receive hundreds of thousands tax dollars for opposition research? The NDP are too incompetent to be in opposition. That is why we are building a modern incentivist Progressive Conservative Party.

Grant Schmidt
President PC Alternative

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