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Happiness is Not Wall’s Deficit mess

Enjoy today Monday March 20th. It is Happiness Day according to the Happiness Institute, Canada has slipped from the 6th to 7th and U.S. from 13th to 14th. In this short commentary the P.C. Party will not question the definition of happiness. Apparently, high tax countries are happier.

Just enjoy the day; BECAUSE Wednesday March 22nd is Liberal budget day in Saskatchewan and Canada. Beware of the budgets of March is my warning on Happiness Day.

The moral of the story is money cannot buy you happiness at least not in the U.S.A. In politics money can buy you love. Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party have bought happiness for the majority of our residents with borrowed money, deceptive P3s and a cyclical commodities boom. Wall’s overspending, waste and GTH land purchase have caused a fiscal mess.

Unfortunately, Brad Wall and a majority of Saskatchewan residents believe in the tooth fairy. The someone else will pay theory of Government. If not the tooth fairy then the rich, big business or our children will pay in the future.

It would not be hard to believe Brad Wall drove his government truck down to the crossroads and sold his conservative soul to the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy said” I have the power in Saskatchewan, more residents in your province believe in me than in your Saskatchewan Party. So the tooth fairy keeps the voters believing in the tooth fairy and Brad Wall.

We know the people would like positive answers. How are Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party different from the P.C. Party? We, the P.C.s are fiscal conservatives. We follow Adam Smith’s advice of smaller government paying its way.

Brad Wall, the Devine Government, the Saskatchewan Party, and Trudeau I and II, were and are liberal spenders. Spend like a liberal and eventually you have to tax like social democrats (N.D.P.)

Progressive Conservatives are not opposed to taxation. We want value for tax money taken from you. The modern P.C. Party stands for prudent spending not vote buying.

Modern P.C.s are incentivists who want to rely on economic growth to provide the wealth to pay for Government services.

Adam Smith observed the nature of humans in the 17th century. From that observation he defined capitalism. Smith gave this advice,

“It is the highest impertinence and presumption, in Kings and ministers, to pretend to watch over the economy of private people. They are always, and without exception, the greatest spendthrifts in society, let them look well after their own expenses, and they may safely trust private people with theirs.”

Brad Wall is a liberal who has not followed the advice of Adam Smith.

I am only the President of the modern P.C. Party who is putting out the following ideas as to what the P.C. Party would do.

1. Hold a Public enquiry into the Global Transportation Hub scandal;
2. Reveal the true costs of the Regina Bypass;
3. Stop the P3 leased capital spending and debt;
4. Initiate a Smart Health card in a Smarter Health system;
5. Increase the tax base to stop tax erosion and evasion;
6. Fight corruption;
7. Follow an incentivist agenda to grow the economy;
8. Invoke a guaranteed job policy not a guaranteed income policy;
9. Invoke a incentivist agenda to have everyone working to their ability;
10. Pay pensions for disability;
11. Teach personal financial management to everyone over 13;
12. Treat addictions as a health problem;
13. Change jails into true correction centers

Please forward your ideas or comments to the P.C. Party.

Grant Schmidt
President PC Alternative

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These issues must be debated for “The Right Reasons