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This commentary is a day late because I took the opportunity to attend the Saskatchewan Stock Growers annual meeting. Their first day is always devoted to guest speakers and topics which relate to the cattle business in many different forms.

There is a very strong movement within the livestock sector to be environmentally sound managers of their entire operations. The Saskatchewan Stock Growers organization is certainly championing this change in how the cattle business conducts its day-to-day affairs. I think most people in the livestock sector are very much aware of the larger public's thoughts on animal welfare, bio-diversity, species at risk and the issues around the safety of the food we eat each and every day. There were presenters on all of these topics yesterday. The Stock Growers are to be congratulated for bringing all of this information forward.

I, for one, think we have a very safe food system in Canada and that the products available to us both through grocery store shelves and our local grow marketing operations are some of the best in the world. As an agricultural producer, there is nothing I can do about a national hamburger chain advertising one kind of beef or another to try an influence the public to eat more of their products. All we can do is take the best information possible and adapt it to our own specific operations to ensure that we are producing the best food possible for Canadians and for the people around the world who buy our products. From what I saw yesterday and from discussions with many of the people who were in attendance, I believe that commitment is stronger today than it ever has been.

When I sit down to write this commentary every week, I know that there will be someone out there who will take exception to my comments or interpret my thoughts in a different manner than what I do. That's one of the reasons I have enjoyed writing this commentary for over 8 years now.

Our political system is in dire need of more diversity in the way that we approach solving problems in our society. It is not simply a left-right argument as many in the political world would like to make it. I believe that this is done mostly so the people with vested interest can feel comfortable in their own skins about what they are doing or have to change their views even though their own political preference isn't getting the job done.

The advent of social media into the political spectrum has reinforced my opinion that we are developing a very polarized society. I am amazed when I troll through social media sites how firmly people have grasped hold of political positions that allow no movement off of their own position or political organization. One only has to look at the daily tweets and pronouncements from various political entities in the United States to confirm this. The Americans have become a very divided society to the detriment of everyone living there. Why anyone in this country would want that style of political discourse I have no idea. We Canadians have always been more laid back and as such, have been able to problem solve in a more amicable way.

At the end of the day, I believe that what we all strive for is a better world in which to live, work and raise our families and we will never get there by simply ramming stuff down our throats or belittling each other on social media.

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