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This last week of June is always one of anticipation. This is the last week of school and kids no matter what their age, can't wait to begin summer holidays. Many families are booking their favourite camping spots and certainly Saskatchewan has lots of wonderful places to visit.

Last Saturday was our annual calf day when we get together as family and with the help of some friends, bring in the cows, sort the calves off and put them all through the chute. This year everything went very smoothly except for one little red brockle face calf that decided he didn't want to change from being a bull to becoming a steer! This calf took off into the bush in the coulee bottom and didn't reappear until he was hungry that evening. We will deal with him on another day.

Because of the dry weather, the hay crop is ready to cut a good week earlier than normal so our next couple of weeks will be spent getting the winter food supply for the cows up, we hope, in good shape. This is always the conundrum for cattle people as we want rain for our crops and our pastures but we don't want it on our fresh cut hay! Mother Nature will decide how it's going to be .... as always.

Speaking about choices, if you remember last week I pointed out in this commentary how poor the Sask Party government's appointment process was for the new health authority board. One of their choices has already resigned because of inappropriate comments on social media. It appears that the only vetting that was done by the smart people around the Premier was how big were the cheques that various people signed in order to qualify them for the new health authority.

I would suggest to the Minister of Health that he look to hiring some qualified people for his department, put them to work fixing our health system and assume the responsibility and accountability that a Minister of Health should shoulder. Dispense with this politically-appointed buffer between yourself and the people you represent and save us more grief down the road which surely will arise because of your appointment process.

We taxpayers put up the vast majority of the funding for health care. The majority of it comes from provincial tax dollars and some from federal tax dollars. We need to know that this money is being used in the most productive way possible. Our families depend on it. We can no longer afford the duplication, the over-abundance of bureaucratic management and the passing of the proverbial buck between the Ministry of Health and the health regions.

If you've listened to the Premier's most recent set of radio ads, he talks about people passing the buck down the line at Tim Horton's drive through until some unfortunate 16 year old girl and at the end of the line gets stuck with the bill. I think he should start listening to his own words and tell his own Minister of Health that health care is not about politics, it's about patient-first care and good preventative lifestyles. It's not about passing the buck to a politically-appointed board that was obviously chosen for the wrong reasons when you have members being forced to resign within one week of their appointment.

Come on Mr. Wall, pay attention to your own advertising.

On a happier note, our country celebrates 150 years this coming Saturday and I hope everyone has the opportunity to take a little bit of time and savour the fact that we live in one of the best countries in the entire world. Our lifestyles and our freedoms continue to draw people from every corner of the earth. Our people have worked hard, have fought hard and I hope will continue to strive to make Canada a better place in which to live and raise our families.

Happy Birthday Canada and the PC Party of Saskatchewan wishes you many, many more!

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