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It would appear from the newscasts and the live coverage of various events celebrating Canada's 150th birthday that it went very well all across the country. The weather cooperated in most parts of Canada and here in Saskatchewan, we certainly had a beautiful day.

I think Canadians have really come to understand that Canada is truly a very privileged place in which to live. I think for a long time we were envious of other peoples and I can remember growing up, people would say "I would like to live in this country or that country" after they grew up and received their education. One only has to look around at the various peoples who have immigrated to Canada and why they have come here to understand how fortunate we are.

I was at a family event which is put on by Joanne's family every 5 years in a rural community an hour southeast of Regina. We sang our national anthem several times at the event and you could see the pride that this mostly Ukrainian-background family took in their heritage, the community they had built and the successful families that have flowed from that immigration to Canada many years ago. We all need to think about our family successes and our country's successes as we continue to build the future of this great country.

The PC Party has been part of that heritage for a long time and as the current Leader of the PC Party of Saskatchewan, I look forward to our Party continuing to be part of the building process. On that note, I am very pleased to say that we already have an announced candidate for our nomination in the Fairview riding in Saskatoon.

Mr. David Prokopchuk, who ran in the recent Meewasin by-election, has announced he will be seeking the nomination in Fairview for this by-election as he intended to run in that constituency in the next provincial election campaign. I'm sure over the coming weeks and months I will be making comments on how this particular by-election is unfolding. This will be an excellent opportunity for any of the individuals who will be throwing their hat into the ring to succeed me in the leadership of our Party to come and knock some doors and get to know Party members who will be helping out in the by-election campaign.

It should be very clear to everyone in this province that the Sask Party government needs a strong opposition that will force this government to change its ways. The latest revelations about the Global Transportation Hub scandal and Brightenview will shock the most die-hard Sask Party supporter. I will not get into the details in this commentary today but it appears that some of leading individuals in this company - yes the same company that promised to build a megamall in Dundurn, Saskatchewan - have been defrauding dozens if not hundreds of investors in their various land schemes and promising them citizenship in Canada for the money they paid . For any of you that would like to look at the details of this, I would suggest you go to an excellent report done by Tammy Robert which is available online. Click Here

I am sure there will be more to come out of this Chinese-run company which just happens to have former long-time NDP MP Lorne Nystrum as one of its Vice Presidents. Why the Sask Party government would choose to welcome this outfit into an already scandal-plagued entity like the GTH is beyond my comprehension. On top of that, they promised this company that we taxpayers would provide them with serviced land worth millions which is totally unacceptable. We need a Progressive Conservative representing Fairview to hold this government to account on issues like the GTH and Brightenview.

To all of our American friends south of the 49th parallel, Happy Independence Day. May your July 4th be a safe and happy occasion across the United States of America.

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