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Monday Morning Commentary

Rick Swenson

After being in politics in Saskatchewan for nearly 40 years, I've often thought that it's very similar to weather in our province.  You think you've got it figured out so you can go ahead and plan things in your life and business and your family time and Mother Nature throws you a curve ball and brings up an unexpected weather event that changes everything.

Last week, we had such an event in our political world.  Most everyone involved in Saskatchewan politics felt that after winning his third general election, Brad Wall would find some other endeavour to keep life interesting.  No one expected though that this event would happen slightly over a year after the last election campaign.

We in Saskatchewan are now into a totally new political dynamic.  Everyone of our registered political parties here is either in a leadership renewal, just finished one or will just be starting one.  The dynamic in the next provincial election three years from now will be totally different as far as personalities go.  Many of the issues will be the same.  The challenges will be huge.  Pulling Saskatchewan out of its current economic conundrum will take vision, courage and a deep understanding of what makes Saskatchewan's population tick.

Brad Wall was a tremendous communicator.  He had spent most of his adult life in politics and had a good sense of issues management.  His inner circle of advisors, most of whom came from the same political background, stuck with him through thick and thin.  It was a recipe for political success.  A booming Saskatchewan economy probably made it fun at the beginning of his political life as Premier of our province. 

Anyone that makes the sacrifices to family, to your own personal agenda and enjoyment that you have to make when you enter into public life, I believe, should be commended for strengthening our democracy.  Brad Wall and his family gave up a lot of personal life to contribute to Saskatchewan's ongoing success as a province.  As I said in our news release the day that he resigned, the PC Party thanks him for his contribution and wishes him well in life after politics.

On a final note, the by election for Saskatoon Fairview has been called for September 7th.   I personally didn't believe this would occur until sometime in mid-October.  Like I said, politics and weather are full of the unexpected so the PC Party and our candidate Dave Prokopchuk will have to get our political butts in gear and speed up the process which we had already begun with Dave's nomination.

The failings of the Sask Party government for the people of Fairview haven't changed.  The necessity to send the government a message hasn't changed and the need to start outlining a new vision for Saskatchewan's future hasn't changed.

A different voice in the Legislative Assembly from the NDP who have been a lousy opposition for the last ten years and an arrogant Sask Party government means that the PC Party is the only logical alternative to achieve all of the above criteria.  It will be the PC Party's responsibility to make voters feel comfortable with our alternatives to their problems. 

On with the door knocking and spreading the message!  Please come out, give us a hand, donate a dollar or two and help remake Saskatchewan politics. 

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